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Press Statement: Zahid's new admission proves 'Penang 5' were executed by police


11 OCTOBER 2013

I refer to Home Minister Zahid Hamidi's comments to a TV interviewer yesterday in which he admits that the Penang 5 were shot dead by police deliberately and without warning. Zahid has made a stunning admission that police believed the Penang 5 were armed and therefore decided to shoot them all dead. Under Malaysian law, the police action of intentionally shooting them to death allegedly because they were armed amounts to premeditated, cold-blooded murder. Police can only shoot suspects if they ' jeopardize the lives of others'. Zahid's comments make it clear that in the early hours of August 19 2013, police had gone into the apartment in Penang with the intention to execute J Gobinath, R Ramesh, N Rakan, M Suresh and M Gobinath. 

Zahid's version of the events also completely contradict IGP Khalid Bakar who claims that the police were shot at first and returned fire killing all 5 victims. Zahid's version is that police had decided to shoot first as the suspects were allegedly armed according to police intelligence. Which version is true? It appears that the authorities are now caught in the web of their own lies and contradictions. 

Zahid, the IGP and the government have much to answer for. They have cheapened the value of human life in this country, and they have encouraged criminality by the police force. 

In light of Zahid's latest comments, both Zahid and the IGP must be investigated for hiding the truth about the murders which is an offence under section 201 Penal Code, with imprisonment up to 7 years; they must also be probed under section 109 Penal Code for abetment of murder. 

The shooting of the Penang 5 must now be classified as murder, and the case must be immediately re-opened. In view of the seriousness of Zahid's admissions, PM Najib must immediately suspend him as Home Minister pending investigations.  

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