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Justify deportation or there'll be more questions, Taib told

5:09PM Jul 6, 2013 
DAP secretary-general Lim Guan Eng today said Sarawak Chief Minister Abdul Taib Mahmud must justify the deportation of whistleblower Clare Rewcastle Brown from Sarawak or it will confirm suspicions that the 77-year-old politician had something to hide over the allegations levelled against him.

“Taib Mahmud must explain the reason for barring Brown, the sister-in-law of former British prime minister (Gordon Brown), from entering Sarawak or else confirm suspicions that he has everything to hide about the corruption allegations against him and his family,” he said in a statement today.

Lim said the barring was an abuse of immigration powers to prevent Brown from exposing alleged financial improprieties in the state.

“I have met Brown in London and she struck me as a conscientious defender of justice, right over wrong and freedom of choice. She has an abiding love for Sarawak because she was born and had lived in the state. 

“Instead of appreciating Brown for this unusual passion for Sarawak, she is now being victimised because she dared to stand up for justice and integrity against the Sarawak chief minister,” said Lim, who is also Penang chief minister.

Lim said the deportation has put Malaysia in bad light and Taib should instead confront the allegations against him.

Brown, a staunch critic of Taib’s government in Sarawak, is the editor of whistleblower website Sarawak Report and Radio Free Sarawak.

She was deported on July 3 after she arrived in the Sarawak to prepare her defence for a defamation suit brought against her for her work.

Brown had said that she is unlikely to receive in fair trial a Malaysia and has asked her opponents to sue her in the United Kingdom.

Najib slammed over warning against change

On a separate matter, Lim urged the restoration of ousted Egyptian President Mohammed Morsi, who was elected with a popular mandate of 52 percent in the country’s general election last year.

However, Lim hit out at Prime Minister Najib Abdul Razak for using the coup d’etat in Egypt to warn Malaysians against change.

“DAP expresses surprise that so-called defenders of democracy like Najib, not only justify the military coup d’etat but warn that change is dangerous and brings about instability as well as affect economic progress.”

~ Malaysiakini

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Winston said...

The Egyptians have done the right thing!
After decades of dictatorship, they have finally grown so angry and frustrated with such regimes that they will not permit such things to happen again.
And they have the gumption to do so!
In fact, they were already wary about the religious extremism of the Muslim Brotherhood.
Nowadays, people are very cautious about having a government based on religion.
They very much prefer secularism.
Not only did Morsi tried to inject religion into the government, Morsi himself co-opted absolutely power for himself!!!
A definite no-no after the recent booting out of another dictator!!!
All-in-all, it's a very stupid move!!!!