Tuesday, May 3, 2011

S'wak PKR to focus on winnable seats only

Wong Teck Chi
Sarawak PKR chief Baru Bian said the party will focus only on a few winnable seats in the coming parliamentary election, rather than contest all the remaining seats in the state that the other Pakatan member parties won't take on.

He was responding to criticism that the multi-racial party had been "too greedy" by contesting as many as 49 seats in the recent state election, in which it won only three seats.

NONE"In (the next) parliamentary election, we will use a different method," Baru (left) said in an interview with selected media at the PKR headquarters in Petaling Jaya this morning.

"Because of restrictions in resources, in particular financial resources, we will focus on certain areas (which are winnable), based on the state election results."

Baru said Sarawak PKR has identified 10 of the 31 parliamentary seats in Sarawak where it has good prospects and it will focus on these seats.

At the most, PKR Sarawak would go for 15 seats.

He also said PKR hoped PAS dan DAP would "share the responsibility" of contesting the remaining seats

"If they are prepared to be seen as multiracial - you all know reports said that DAP is a Chinese chauvinist party - it will be a good time now (for them) to take on the remaining Dayak and Melanau areas.

"I do hope they will bear this responsibility."

If no Pakatan member party is prepared to take the challenge, Baru said, then Sarawak PKR hopes independent candidates will contest so that the BN does not get a free run.

"What we can do? We have learnt our lesson... we will let the independents challenge BN."

Don't want to be 'bad guy' anymore

Baru said PKR had to bear the responsibility of contesting in areas with a lower chance of winning in the recent Sarawak state election, but in the end, it was painted as the "bad guy".

"DAP restricted itself to 16 Chinese majority areas (and) PAS could only go the Malay-Melanau areas. Of course, they will ask for those areas where they can win.

"So, both PAS and DAP were fighting against PKR for the areas they can win. (But) we are painted as the bad guys of Pakatan and this is unfair.

"If the BN leaders are really honest with themselves, they'll admit they didn't win the election clean. If the playing field had been level, I believe we might have won, or at least denied BN its two-thirds win."

NONEBaru also predicted that Prime Minister Najib Abdul Razak would call for a general election as "soon as possible", after BN's popularity had dropped in the April 16 Sarawak election.

The worsening global economic situation also indicated that the BN did not have much time to drag for the general election.

"The longer he (Najib) waits, the worse it (the situation) may become."

However, he sees the beginning of next year as the best time for Sarawak PKR, as that would give it enough time to make full preparations to face the general election.

After the state election, many leaders realised the importance of organisational work.

"I have emphasised at every meeting that we should set up more branches, but some leaders felt that this wasn't necessary, as it would only be a front for (grassroots) to get money. They just appoint a few people in longhouses.

"But, the moment you form a branch and appoint committee members, you are actually instilling commitment in them," Baru said.

"They need to take oaths of commitment, then there will be a sense of belonging to the party. If we do not have such a thing, BN will come tomorrow and buy you with RM500."

Baru added that Pakatan would from now focus on three main issues: its proposal for a native lands commission, monitor the fulfilling of the state government's election promises and tackle the plight of natives without birth certificates and MyKad.

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Anonymous said...

Agree to that motion.... they must be a proper organisational structure... and in that, PR/PKR MUST have proper planning, and branches in all the places providing community services which are not provided by BN parties... The branches function first as a helping tools and communication bridges to all the people... DAP have to start recruiting non-chinese.. which how it use to be back then.... be truthfull... and in which ever seat one pakatan wana be, the rest gives way and support them fully....not just in areas where they only contesting.... learn from others mistakes, not our own mistakes....