Wednesday, January 5, 2011

There’s still chance to register for next polls

KUCHING: Register with the Election Commission (SPR) now and you may still be eligible to vote in the coming state election, if it is held in or after May.

SPR Sarawak chief clerk Hasbi Sahri said the commission tried its best to process all applications received in view of the approaching state polls.

He lauded DAP for its constant efforts in helping to register new voters but said some political parties, including the ruling side, tended to submit applications late.

“Our registration is processed and done based on the date the applications are submitted, not the date applicants sign the form.

“Some political parties submit applications late and that is why people do not see their names in the system three months after they fill out the form,” he said when contacted here yesterday.

Hasbi said: “DAP is very fast in terms of new voters registration and change of address.”

He added that the commission had to reject half or more of the total applications submitted by some political parties due to incomplete details or mistakes in the form.

“For DAP, one out of 10 applications gets rejected but other parties may have 50 per cent or more rejected because of mistakes.”

He said it was not true that SPR had personal agenda when rejecting applications.

Hence, he advised applicants to make sure their forms were properly filled and with accurate details.

Among the reasons to reject applications are incompatible address, double registration, wrong identification number and wrong column filled.

He said everyone should be aware that temporary residents did not have the right to vote and applications from the dead would not be entertained.

Hasbi pointed out that it usually took three months to process applications.

In other words, those who register this month will get to see their record in the electoral roll by April.

If one did not find any name in the SPR database after three months, he or she must approach the commission for rectification, he said.

“Usually we do not have any problem registering new voters but if they do not provide accurate information, registration cannot be done,” he added.

At a news conference here yesterday, Pending assemblywoman Violet Yong claimed that the commission lacked efficiency as 47 out of the total 132 applications submitted in June last year had been turned down.

In a breakdown, DAP Sarawak treasurer said, of the 47, one applicant came from Pending while Batu Lintang (11), Batu Kawah (12), Kota Sentosa (16) and other constituencies (7).

“By right, these 47 names should appear in the system in September or October last year but until now, they are still not in the record.

“Previously, we faced similar problems but this time, the number is big, 47. Is there any hanky panky going on? We do not expect any hiccups to stop the opposition from helping to register new voters,” added Yong.

Responding to her claims, Hasbi said the commission would look into the case.

He reiterated that SPR would not reject applications unreasonably.

He advised those who had submitted applications to check their status via website (or click on for English version) as the commission was not responsible for any notification.

“If anyone has problem with his status, come to us. We will see things through,” he added.

SPR Sarawak can be contacted at 082-254867.

Taken from Borneo Post.

To check your status as a voter, click on either links:

English: Electoral Roll Checking.

Bahasa Melayu: Semakan Daftar Pemilih.

If you have not registered as a voter, register now at any post office that has online services. Your registration will take three months to process.

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