Thursday, January 6, 2011

Sarawak BN in panic, says PKR

Joseph Tawie

KUCHING: An increasingly cohesive assault by the opposition is making Sarawak BN jittery, a PKR official has claimed.

Many state assemblymen from the ruling coalition were worried about their future and having nightmares, said Sarawak PKR information chief See Che How in response to a BN remark that Pakatan Rakyat was daydreaming about capturing at least 40 seats in the next state election.

He said BN was especially anxious about the state seats where voters are angry over land issues.

“A case in point is Kemena,” he said.

The state assemblyman for Kemena is Stephen Rundi, the man who said recently that “Pakatan is only daydreaming.” He is Sarawak BN secretary-general.

“His constituency is the epicentre of troubles over NCR (native customary rights) land issues,” See said.

In Kemena, according to See, there are at least 10 cases in which the state government is accused of taking away NCR land and “handing them over to crony companies” interested in planting oil palm and acacia.

“Rundi knows his seat is not safe,” he said. “I am sure he has read the intelligence reports about Kemena.

“People are angry with him because he is not reachable and spends most of his time in Kuching. They cannot bring their problems to him. So they come and see us.

“Kemena has a lot of NCR land problems. Several longhouses are involved and many of these cases are now in the High Court pending hearing.”

See reiterated that Pakatan was confident of winning more than 40 seats.

He also responded to recent remarks by Sarawak BN Backbenchers Club chairman Abdul Karim Hamzah that there was “no justice and democracy in PKR”.

“I want to tell Karim that he had better look at PBB (Pesaka Bumiputera Bersatu),” he said.

“In our recent convention, divisional leaders were elected by more than 70,000 members and national leaders were elected by more than 40,000, whereas PBB, which claims to have 400,000 members, had their leaders elected by only 906 delegates.

“This is a most undemocratic way to choose their leaders.”

Taken from Free Malaysia Today.

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