Friday, January 21, 2011


by Apai M.

With the State election looming ever nearer and with BN rapidly losing ground with the rural voters it comes as no surprise that PM Najib Razak suddenly sees the problems of the native people displaced from their land and homes to make way for his and Taib’s “gajah puteh”, the Bakun dam.

What to do about this? Simple. Make some promises. The people will be stupid enough to believe them and to vote BN. Afterwards we can say that the economic situation does not allow us to pay up; at least not this year or next!

Take careful note of what he did say. He did NOT say you will be let off the amounts you owe. He said he will look for ways and means to do that. How far will he look do you think?

He did say that ways should be sought to provide more land than the totally inadequate three acres given to each family. He did not say what ways or how much more they could expect. Land is gold to Taib and BN and they will not give up one acre that can be sold to their cronies or kept for themselves.

Don’t be deceived by promises. They are as empty as your pockets and fill nothing; except despair. Instead vote PKR and get a government that WILL deal with your problems. Not with empty promises but by positive action to restore the rights of the peoples of Sarawak.

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