Friday, January 21, 2011


by Apai M.

Speaking in Kuching Taib Mahmud announced that he would discuss simultaneous state/federal elections with Najib Razak. Presumably he really meant to say that he would enquire whether Najib would be prepared to take the risk of the stench of Sarawak BN corruption causing BN to lose both state and federal elections at the same time. Not probable!

More interestingly Taib said that the BN would present nearly all “new faces” at the election. Has he shared these thoughts with cronies such as Jabu and George Tan? In any case it is an open admission that BN is so corrupt that none of its existing parliamentarians have any chance of re-election. In fact Taib was doing no more than semi-acknowledging his forthcoming electoral defeat.

Any connection here with him and his best crony Tiong re-arranging the financial affairs of Lembaga and Ribunan Hijau? Hold your noses; the smell gets worse every day that passes.

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