Monday, January 3, 2011

Najib’s aides under fire over Christmas row.

KUCHING: Sarawak PKR has criticised officials of the Prime Minister’s Department who had sought to remove Christian symbols at a Christmas party hosted by Catholic Archbishop Murphy Pakiam at his residence’s car park last week just before Prime Minister Najib Tun Razak’s arrival at the party.

They also barred the singing of hymns and prayers during Najib’s presence.

“I was shocked and saddened to read about the directive in the papers and in the websites,” said party chairman Baru Bian.

Bian was hosting a Christmas and New Year party for PKR members, supporters and the press.

Ampang MP Zuraida Kamaruddin, who has been visiting Sarawak, was also present.

“Such a directive coming from Najib’s aides should not be tolerated as it undermines the democratic principle and the freedom of religion as enshrined under Article 11 of the Federal Constitution,” he said.

Sarawakians in particular who respect and have been tolerant towards each other’s religion should be aware of this incident, he added.

He warned them that this sort of directive is not good for the people of Sarawak who have been enjoying racial and religious harmony all this while.

“We must condemn these leaders who do not respect other people’s religions,” he said, urging the people to vote them out in the coming election.

“We cannot trust these people to continue to rule this country. The coming election is the time for us to change them,” he added.

The directive from Najib’s aides has been condemned by leaders of Pakatan Rakyat throughout the country.

Taken from Free Malaysia Today


Anonymous said...

What proof that you can show us the Sarawakian that you are more way batter from Najib and CM...NOTHINGGGGG..!!!!

Anonymous said...

I fully support you BB 200% per cent. It shows that all the slogan of 1Malaysia are useless and just a political gimmick. We as a Sarawakian must look into this very seriously and our forefather will be very sad if they knows such things happen today. Even make it worst he is our PM or the number one man in the country. I am regards to have such PM with NO principle in leadership. Now, this is a time for us to change such leaders who not fit to rule our cNation. Vote them out on the coming election and I believe there more people who are more competent than him...

Anonymous said...

BB, BN always lies. This has been practised by Indian Mamak and nw perpetuated in the minds on UMNO (BN!).
We should free ourselves rom the cutches of the West!
Remember the picture of a cow feeding in Sarawak's grass but the milk was milked away in the West?
This is what they are!
Bravo, BB! You have my support.

Anonymous said...

Orang kampung/rumah panjang dan lain2 lagi mana tahu slogan 1Malaysia.Yang dia orang tahu cari makan sahaja.....apa ada sama 1Malaysia bukan ada kasih makan minum tiap2 hari...kita susah payah cari makan tiap2 hari. Harga barang semua naik...harga mata wang makin turun....hahahaha....undi pembangkang lah kali ini PKR/PR....

Anonymous said...

After 47 years under UMNO/BN regimes of the west malaysia we sarawakian/sabahan should make a change why wait??? now is the right time to change the ruling gomen!!!