Friday, January 14, 2011


by Apai M

The hallmark of a fraudster is that he never stops inventing new scams to cheat the public until the prison door closes behind him. So it comes as no surprise that Taib starts to try to sell his and BN’s latest trick.

He starts off by saying that only bumiputeras can own NCR land. We have had reams of evidence of how NCR land has been taken from its owners by fraudulent land legislation that the Federal Court has condemned but which Taib and his cronies continue to use to their personal profit and for sale to non-bumi owners.

Next he has the insolence to say that owners of NCR land can have a 30% share in it! Not a word about who will have the other 70% but no prizes for guessing! And to reassure any NCR landowner who may have doubts he nominates DCM Jabu as the man to be in charge. Jabu! You only need to look at this man’s record in Sarawak Report to see how he is probably the most unsuitable person, apart from Taib himself, in the whole of Sarawak to be in charge of a confidence trick like this Land Exchange System.

To put this land theft scheme in action Taib announces that it will be operated by a Land Bank which will be 100% owned by buiputeras. For these purposes Taib himself, and Jabu, qualify as bumis! The Bank will, surprise surprise, be a private company. Just like the other private companies which Taib and his cronies have used to steal State assets for private profit. He does not have the cheek to state who will be the directors but we can guess! Himself, his family and selected toadies.

Taib goes on to claim that the “State” has developed 200,000 hectares of land but gives no detail. Does he mean 200,000 ha. of primal forest destroyed by himself and his nominees, sold off for private profit and the raped land, much if not all of it legally NCR owned, converted to oil palm plantations. Take note here all concerned in this massive theft of national assets that not only will you go to jail for your actions but those assets will be recovered by the State and returned to their lawful owners.

The final insult. Who will put up all the money for this scheme and its Bank? Not Taib. Not his fellow conspirators but the taxpayer via FELDA and FELCRA!

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Anonymous said...

1st of all I would like congratulate Sarawak PKR chief liaison mr. Baru Bian for being appointed as V. President . I hope all Sarawak PKR leaders and members to fully support him in order for us to conquer or fight this corrupted government.

For Sarawak PR, please working hand in hand and don't work alone.
Because for those who are walking alone will be deceived by evil.