Sunday, January 9, 2011

Baru Bian emerges triumphant and stronger.

Whispers of a vicious sms campaign to derail Baru Bian's re-appointment as State Liaison Chief for Sarawak in the last few days by a small group of dissenting 'hidden hands' have been put to rest with the top leadership in Kuala Lumpur reiterating their unequivocal support for Baru Bian and announcing his re-appointment this afternoon at party headquarters in Merchant Square, Jalan Tropicana, Selangor.

The leadership of PKR also announced that Baru Bian's largely ceremonial Vice President's post has been assumed by Datuk John Nuek, a retired civil servant. This will free Baru Bian to concentrate on the PKR elections machinery and lead the charge in the coming state elections

The leadership also announced the appointment of lawyer See Chee How to the PKR Supreme Council. These strategic appointments by Kuala Lumpur are a clear message that the party is now ready for the big showdown with the Barisan Nasional.


Kuchingnite said...


Please ensure PR achieves the historic political victory.

Anonymous said...

Personally, I think this a bad thing. Unlike DAP which strengthens its leaders in Sarawak (see Wong Ho Leng), PKR refuses to do so for its Sarawak leaders. Not a good sign at all.

Lawrence Jayaraj said...

Personally, I feel PKR will win in Sarawak together with DAP and Pas.

Baru Bian can make it happen. The key word here is Unity.

Anonymous said...

BB you are righteous and I hope you will win a seat soon.
What you have achieved so far is great, there are many hurdles to overcome. Make a wave and win them all.
Good Luck.

Abot said...

May God Bless Baru Bian.

Anonymous said...

You should not change the captain halfway to satisfy a particular group.This group not happy they can always offer themself or their leader.THIS SHOULD BE DONE DURING PARTY ELECTION.

Anonymous said...

DAP change their leaders during party elections and i am sure not during GENERAL ELECTIONS