Saturday, December 11, 2010


A short commentary by Apai M.

Statements of the kind put out by Taib aide AK Hamzah ought normally to be dismissed and ignored as the ravings of the ignorant and the deranged. His recent diatribe about the "right" of politicians to enrich themselves from public funds is a case in point.

But we cannot do that; for two reasons. First Hamzah is a creature of Taib and speaks for him. Second Taib has made no public rebuttal of what Hamzah said and so must be taken to agree with it and, even more importantly, to have allowed Hamzah to say it. So this was Taib speaking.

What did he say? In effect that if a politician can deceive the voters into electing him he can thereafter steal any public money and other public assets (and private ones for that matter) he wants and he is acting perfectly legitimately in doing so. For politicians, according to Taib, there is no law, no Penal Code, nothing to prevent them from doing whatever they want.

In many countries that would be seen as a bad joke at best and a huge public outrage. But in Sarawak today it happens to be true. There is law, there is a Penal Code, there are courts, there are thousands of police, thousands of alleged victims/witnesses, thousands of cases of alleged corrupt acts by Taib and his cronies. But nothing happens. What Taib wants he takes and there is good old AK Hamzah to say it is all in order!

How has all this come about? Sad to say because the electorate has allowed it to happen. Has elected and re-elected the thieves and robbers; not just in Sarawak but throughout Malaysia, blindly making whips for their own backs.

There is a popular saying that when you are in a hole "stop digging". Applied in Sarawak today it means stop voting Taib and the corrupt BN and elect instead a Pakatan Rakyat alliance that will end the corruption, recover the stolen assets of the BN criminals for proper public use and provide honest public administration devoted to advancing the interests of the people.

A final thought for the reader. If you were asked to vote for a party which said it would steal your home and money, let you suffer untreated when sick, provide little or no schooling for your children, make travel difficult to impossible, allow you to starve. Would you? In the past you have. For BN. Time to change! BERUBAHLAH!

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