Thursday, January 11, 2018

Learn from Tok Nan — See

January 11, 2018, Thursday
In his three-year reign, he boldly inspired and set out to lead all of us to attain those goals. That is the legacy of the late ‘Tok Nan’. See Chee How, Batu Lintang assemblyman and PKR Sarawak vice-chairman

IT has been exactly one year since the  untimely passing of our beloved late-chief minister Pehin Sri Adenan Satem and in his memory, let us reminisce on his meaningful govern over our State so that we may remind ourselves of the vision he had for our State and how that vision had moved all of our hearts deeply.

In a statement to The Borneo Post, Batu Lintang assemblyman See Chee How expressed his desire to remind the public of the goals and rights of Sarawak that Adenan had so fiercely fought for in his three-year tenure.

“Imagine… Sarawak enjoying full autonomy and sovereignty over her full territorial realm and bountiful resources as it was pledged by the founding fathers of Malaysia;

“Imagine… Sarawakians of all races living in peace and harmony, working and caring for one another;

“Imagine… Sarawakians being free to practice their faith, while respecting the religions of those around them;

“Imagine… Sarawakians free to determine the best education for their children so they may help inspire and beget a competitive, progressive and advanced future for Sarawak.

“Just imagine…” he mused.

In the statement, See – the state Parti Keadilan Rakyat (PKR) vice-chairman – detailed that as Sarawakians, we have always dreamt and aspired for these goals and promises to come to fruition, but for the most part, it has always just been a dream.

This, however, eventually changed as it took the person in the late Adenan to give us Sarawakians hope that Sarawak as the ‘promised land’ is not just a dream.

“In his three-year reign, he boldly inspired and set out to lead all of us to attain those goals. That is the legacy of the late ‘Tok Nan’.

“So on the anniversary for his unfortunate passing, it is appropriate for us to remember this fatherly statesman, to renew our commitment to continue the works and to achieve the goals because we love Sarawak as much as the late Tok Nan did,” See said.

But besides just reminding ourselves of the goals set forth by Adenan, See added that all of us regardless of what walks of life we come from should look towards Adenan as a role model.

“While his realm was short, he had set a benchmark for all Sarawakian political leaders to emulate, that all Sarawakians must stand together for the betterment of Sarawak.

“Because of his love for Sarawak, true and sincere to his belief of ‘Sarawak First’ and ‘Sarawakian First’, his leadership had led to the historical milestones of the Sarawak State Legislative Assembly unanimously asserting petroleum justice, restoration of territorial integrity, autonomous rights and devolution of power.

“So, in memory of him, let us learn from the late former chief minister to treat all Sarawakians, allies and foes, with respect and candour, to earn the respect of others in our aspiration and pursuit to transform Sarawak into a competitive, progressive and advanced nation state.”

~ Borneo Post Online

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