Sunday, December 3, 2017

Mujah denies claim that he is potential candidate for PBDS Baru

Nicholas Mujah.

KUCHING: Native land rights activist Nicholas Mujah Ason has categorically denied the claim by the PBDS Baru deputy president Patrick Anek Uren that he is a potential candidate for their party.

“I am a member of the Parti Keadilan Rakyat (PKR) Sri Aman Division and a member of the PKR Sarawak State Liaison Committee.

“Even though my commitments and works are more towards grassroots activism, I have agreed to be considered as a potential candidate for PKR in the coming general election when (state PKR vice chairman) YB See Chee How proposed to enlist me for Sri Aman,” Mujah told The Borneo Post when contacted today.

Mujah said he had no knowledge that PBDS Baru was planning to name him as their potential candidate, adding: “Their notion may be noble but a mistaken one nonetheless.”

“I have no intention to join their party, neither have their president Cobbold John Lusoi nor his deputy Patrick Anek Uren have spoken to me to be their potential candidate.

“I further say that I have no knowledge (of this matter) and I have never given PBDS Baru my consent to include my name or photograph in their propaganda materials on the social media platforms implying that I am associated with them in their political activities.”

PBDS Baru in a statement yesterday expressed their surprise after See had announced Mujah as PKR’s potential candidate for Sri Aman parliamentary constituency in the coming 14th General Election.

“Mujah is our (PBDS) potential candidate, it is ridiculous and preposterous for See Chee How to announce him as their (PKR) candidate. We also believed that Mujah himself was unaware of such matters”, Anek was quoted as saying.

According to Anek, the statement issued by See was not only misleading but also a political propaganda to mislead the community at Sri Aman and to decimate the popularity of Cobbold who is also a candidate for Sri Aman parliamentary constituency for this upcoming parliament election.

~ Borneo Post

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