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6 AUGUST 2017

I refer to the report on page 3 the Borneo Post today in which an unnamed contractor accused me of not checking the facts before making allegations against the company.

Firstly, I am surprised that anyone would hold a press conference but instruct the press that his identity is not to be disclosed. I am equally surprised that the press complied. If this person is truly blameless and wishes to refute the facts in the Auditor General’s report and in the ‘misleading viral', he should not be hiding behind anonymity. What is there to hide if one is truly innocent of charges made against one? How does one clear one’s name without identifying himself?

In addition, this nameless contractor should know that in my statement to the press, I merely cited the findings of the AG’s report without going into the specific details. At no instance did I utter any names of persons or companies named in the report. I have been falsely accused of tarnishing a nameless company and an equally nameless contractor, and I cannot even sue for defamation as they do not have the honour and the courage to own their identities. This is cowardice at its worst.

The Auditor General’s audit has set processes, which are followed when they carry out their work. If the contractor’s name, whatever it may be, is cited in the report, I am sure that he would have been given an opportunity to present his case to the AG during their investigations. If he is saying that due process was not carried out and the AG’s report was inaccurate, then he should take issue with the AG. Perhaps he should consider suing the AG for defamation.

As the Minister of Local Government and Housing has indicated that his Ministry will probe the shortcomings in HDC, perhaps it may be better to hand over the matter to the MACC to investigate. The involvement of the MACC may be warranted as huge sums of money are involved and the people of Sarawak will be better assured if an independent party is tasked to carry out thorough investigations in this matter.

It is a sad reflection of the decaying morals of man and society when individuals hide behind anonymity to make false accusations and portray perceived innocence, and that they are given space to do so in the most widely circulated newspaper here.

Baru Bian

Chairman, KEADILAN Sarawak / ADUN N81’ Ba Kelalan

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