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AG’s response to Bar Council makes no sense

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YOURSAY | ‘This statement coming from Apandi is not surprising and is to be expected.’

AG brushes off Bar call to reopen 1MDB probe as senseless
Gerard Lourdesamy: What is nonsensical is attorney-general (AG) Mohamed Apandi Ali’s response to the Bar Council statement.
The Department of Justice (DOJ) filings in the US may be a civil suit. But the DOJ has obtained a wealth of information and evidence from its investigations, not just within the US but also from foreign countries such as Switzerland, Luxembourg, Singapore, the United Arab Emirates (UAE) and others.

The civil suits raise grave allegations of possible criminal acts, including conspiracy, cheating and breach of trust by many Malaysian players, purportedly including Jho Low, Reza Aziz, the 1MDB senior management, Malaysian Official 1 (MO1) and MO1's wife.

Isn't it incumbent on the AG, as the public prosecutor, to assuage public concerns by at least giving an assurance that he would investigate the allegations and if necessary, seek information from the DOJ and the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) to assist in his probe?

Shouldn't the auditor-general's report on 1MDB be declassified and debated in Parliament as a first step towards restoring confidence in our government and regulatory bodies?

Kimquek: DOJ’s 251 pages of description of the alleged US$4.5 billion grand theft of Malaysian public funds through 1MDB caused a global sensation, but the Malaysian AG has only one word to describe the Malaysian Bar’s urging to probe the matter: “Senseless”.

With that, Apandi closed his conversation. So, to the AG, DOJ’s 251 pages of revelation is nonsense, something not worth his attention. In any democracy, the AG would be sacked instantly, or subject to impeachment proceedings, or hounded out of office by furious public opinion.

But how would Malaysia react? How it reacts may reflect on the state of the Malaysian democracy and the soundness of its rule of law.

CQ Muar: Why is Apandi so protective of MO1? If he were a responsible person, he should at least suggest calling for further investigation, instead of rubbishing Malaysian Bar president George Varughese.

This clearly indicates the AG has something to hide, or an agenda behind his unwarranted reaction, or even his aggressiveness. Can Apandi kindly explain if he is responsible for the nation's interest or that of PM?

Sans Prejudice: Somewhere in a distant place called Bukit Aman, the Twitter Cop has just announced that he has been ordered by AG to “dig deeper” in the sordid 1MBD affair since the latest DOJ expose.

We do sure have a credibility issue at hand. Both individuals, who are supposedly guardians of the law, have been uttering contradictory and irreconcilable statements on the same issue.

FlabberPro: The irony of all ironies, the ones who are under oath to uphold righteousness and justice, are the very ones who violated them.

While they are in deep denial, their actions have spoken louder than their words. Malaysians, and the world at large, are not listening anymore to what is spoken, but rather to what is seen.

Throughout history, no one could escape the wrath of the people, no matter how powerful they could be when they are in power. It is just a matter of time before they have to face their just punishment.

There shall be no pity, no compassion and no leniency when the day comes. Aren't they afraid?

Pemerhati: This statement coming from Apandi is not surprising and is to be expected. Previously, even in light of overwhelming evidence that showed PM Najib Razak had allegedly stolen billions of ringgit, the AG completely cleared Najib of any wrongdoing.

That clearly showed that the AG had absolutely no principles and is Najib’s protector and lap dog.

Clever Voter: Yes, I’m hardly surprised at the response of AG. The position has been redesigned to support the stability and continuity of the establishment. Clearly, a domino effect will happen if otherwise.

The DOJ investigation will continue and the subsequent outcome will not impact on the well-entrenched patronage system. This has been expected. Noises, yes, but actions unlikely.

Anonymous 2474441496569636: AG already made a decision on this case early last year and had confirmed that there is no foul play in regard of the financial dealings in 1MDB.

So, the Bar Council's continuous pressure to reopen the probe on 1MDB is in utter contempt against the AG’s Chambers and our legal system.

AG is firm on his decision and simply refusing to make a U-turn. That’s all. We should respect his findings.

Anonymous 539281478077880: Definitely the AG would brush off the suggestions put forward by the Malaysian Bar president.

The president must understand that the AG had cleared Najib of any wrongdoing in the 1MDB "fiasco". It won't make any sense if the AG were to direct investigators to conduct another probe into the 1MDB affair.

The Bar president should advise the DOJ to contact the AG's office directly and make the AG commit to answer all allegations levelled against MO1 and 1MDB.

This would put things in the proper perspective as whoever is implicated would have to answer, and the wrongdoings cannot be "swept under the carpet".

Hang Babeuf: The AG: senseless? Surely not. Some attitudes are driven not by an absence of sense but by bad sense. That seems all too characteristic of "official thinking" these days.
Wira: I guess the Arab donor story still makes more sense to the AG than the money trail supplied by DOJ.
Perhaps Apandi can just name the donor, provide his money trail with solid evidence and tell Uncle Sam once and for all not to mess with Malaysia.

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