Thursday, May 11, 2017

Questions submitted by Baru Bian for the May 2017 DUN sitting

For oral answers:

1.              To ask the Minister of Infrastructure and Development:
Who is the contractor of the hydro-dam in Pengalih, Lawas? Were EIA and SIA studies carried out, and if so, when and by whom? What is the capacity what are the costs involved?

2.              To ask the Chief Minister:
How many Sarawakians are currently:
i)               heading divisions/departments in the Ministry of Education in Sarawak, Sabah and the various states in Malaya?
ii)             principals (pengetua) and headmasters (guru besar) of schools in Sarawak, Sabah and in Malaya?
What percentage of the grand total do they constitute?

3.              To ask the Minister of Minister of Resource Planning And Environment:
What is the status of the re-tendering of the Lawas Hospital?
i)               What percentage of the allocated budget has been spent and what percentage of the hospital has been completed?
ii)             What is the new expected completion date?

For written answers:
4.              To ask the Chief Minister:
How many Sarawakians, holding the rank of a major (and its equivalent) and
                  higher are presently serving in the Army, the Navy and the Airforce? What percentage of the grand total do they constitute in each branch of the armed forces?

5.              To ask the Minister of Welfare, Women and Family Development:
The 1 Youth 1 Skill programme started in 2010 and it aims to give technical skills to SPM school leavers so that they can find employment more easily.

Since 2010, how many students/youths in Sarawak have left the mainstream education system after SPM and how many have been trained under the 1 Youth 1 Skill programme? What steps were taken to ensure that youths from the rural areas are not left out from this programme?

6.              To ask the Minister of Resource Planning And Environment:
Over RM100 mil was received from the federal government for the purpose of conducting perimeter surveys of NCR land in Sarawak.

In which areas was that fund used and how much was used in each of the affected area? Is the land survey department planning to survey the individual plots with the communal reserve created by the perimeter survey?

7.              To ask the Minister of Welfare, Women and Community Wellbeing:
The Federal Minister of Energy, Green Technology and Water had announced in May last year that construction of the RM35 SMK Long Semadoh would start early this year. When is the construction of SMK Long Semadoh really to commence? Has the contract been awarded and to whom?

8.              To ask the Minister of Welfare, Women and Community Wellbeing:
Since the government has acknowledged the failure of its anti-drug programmes to reduce the number of drug addicts, what plans or alternative approaches does the government have to address the problem? Is there an integrated approach involving all relevant ministries or are they working independently of each other?

9.              To ask the Minister of Resource Planning and Environment:
How much of Meludam National Park, one of the richest areas for Ramin, is still pristine and how much is under palm oil? Is it still a gazette National Park? How much Ramin has been lost to illegal loggers? Has any action been taken to stop the illegal activities?

10.           To ask the Chief Minister:
Is it true that the government is handing over the management of Bako National Park and Mulu National Park to a Chinese tourism development company? If so, were the indigenous people of these areas, especially of the Mulu National Park consulted? What is the proven expertise of the company? How will this affect the status of Mulu National Park as a UNESCO World Heritage Site?

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