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14 FEBRUARY 2017

We take note of the fact that the hudud issue and RUU355 continue to generate debate in the press and in social media. Due to the recent surge in interest in the matter and concern about the debate on Hadi’s Bill at the upcoming parliamentary session starting on 6 March, this is an opportune time to reiterate our position on it and to recall the stand made by the late former CM Tan Sri Adenan Satem. During the last parliamentary sitting, there was plenty of discussion and arguments, but it appears that the rights and concerns of Sarawakians and Sabahans in respect of this issue have been ignored at the federal level talks.

The late Chief Minister had repeatedly stated that Sarawak BN was against hudud law and had, on 23 November last year, instructed BN MPs to be united and vote against it. The current Chief Minister Datuk Amar Abang Johari had also made it clear on 19 September last year when he was DCM that Sarawak opposes the Hudud Bill, supporting Tan Sri Adenan Satem’s statement on 5 June that PBB will not support the Hudud Bill and that hudud will never be practised in Sarawak.

I had made several statements last year (on 16 June, 27 September, 18 October, 25 November and 2 December) on our reasons for opposing hudud law, including the fact that it would create two criminal systems in this country and various aspects of it would render it unconstitutional. Of crucial importance is the fact that Sarawak only agreed to the formation of a secular Malaysia.

Now that Adenan Satem is no longer with us, it would be reassuring for Sarawakians if his successor Abang Johari could make a public affirmation of the late Adenan’s stand on hudud. The current CM had said on several occasions that the cabinet is still essentially Team Adenan but with a new captain. It would therefore be comforting if he could state that the government’s stand has not changed, ie that the Sarawak government is opposed to hudud law. This would be in keeping with the late Adenan’s legacy of speaking up for the rights of Sarawak and Sarawakians.

Recalling that William Mawan and Tiong King Sing had said that they would not vote against the Bill, the Chief Minister must make a clear statement about the stand of the BN component parties in Sarawak, in his capacity as the team leader. In this most pressing and crucial matter, Sarawakians need to a clear and unequivocal statement on hudud law from the new Chief Minister.

We require all our Sarawak parliamentarians and state representatives to stand as one on the hudud issue. The stand taken by our MPs will be the litmus test of their sincerity in protecting our rights, which in this case, will have a wider impact on the country. To defend Sarawak's rights on this fundamental issue is also to ultimately ensure the integrity of Malaysia as a secular state.

Baru Bian
Chairman, KEADILAN Sarawak / ADUN N81 Ba’ Kelalan

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