Friday, November 18, 2016

DUN Nov 2016: Questions submitted by Baru Bian

Soalan berikut untuk dijawab secara lisan (for oral answers):

1.              To ask the Minister of Infrastructure and Development:
Is it true that the proposed Pa Putih dam has been scrapped and another proposed dam will be built around the same vicinity?

2.              To ask the Minister of Resource Planning and Development:
How feasible is the suggestion to withdraw existing PLs from companies that hire gangsters and under what provision can that be done? What is the proposed process and what are the financial implications to the state?

3.              To ask the Chief Minister:
Is the government proceeding with the 12 proposed dams including the Baram dam?
i)               Is the government moving towards other methods of energy generation including mini-hydro and solar?

Soalan berikut untuk dijawab secara bertulis (for written answer):
4.              To ask the Chief Minister and the Minister of Finance:
Please give the status of the projects worth RM698,980,000 promised by state BN candidates between 29 April and 3 May 2016 before the elections. If not fulfilled, please state date to be fulfilled.

5.              To ask the Minister of Infrastructure Development and Transportation:
Why is the government constructing only 2.8km of what should be the 50-60km Lg Sebangang/Lg Sukang road? What is the cost?
i) Are the Long Sukang/Lg Luping stretch and the Lg Sebangang/Lg Tengoa road going to be built and if so, when?

6.              To ask the Minister of Welfare, Women and Family Development:
What is the status of repairs to dilapidated schools in Sarawak? How much is needed to repair/rebuild ALL dilapidated schools? How much has Federal Government given in the last 5 years? Will the state government allocate funds from our reserves for this purpose?
7.              To ask the Minister of Minister of Welfare, Women and Family Development:
Is the KEMAS syllabus change implementing ‘Islamic enrichment classes’, ‘increasing religious teachings’, and ‘boosting patriotism’ reported on June 2 being applied to the KEMAS pre-schools in Sarawak?
i)               Can we formulate our own syllabus, considering our unique ethnic mix?
ii)             What is the percentage of KEMAS pre-school teachers from West Malaysia in Sarawak?

8.              To ask the Minister of Modernisation of Agriculture and Rural Economy:
What is the status of the RGCs initiated by the former DCM to raise the socio-economic standards of the rural population? How many are active and how many have ‘closed’ or remain dormant? How much was spent in total on RGCs?

9.              To ask the Minister of Resource Planning and Environment:
(i)             Please clarify if media reports describing the existence of 20 logging licences in the Heart of Borneo (HOB) is correct. Please provide the details of all such logging licences including the licence holders’ names, numbers and maps showing their locations.

(ii)           Will the licence holders within the HOB be subjected to a timber certification process? What happens if they fail to do so by 2017?

(iii)          Have the native communities within the HOB been consulted on the inclusion of their NCL in the project? If yes, how have the consultations been done? Has any NCL boundary demarcation been undertaken? How will such NCL recognition take effect?

10.           To ask the Minister of Resource Planning and Environment:
What is the latest status on the participation of Sarawak in the TLAS licensing system under the FLEGT-VPA process between Malaysia and the European Union? Please give further details on the reasons behind the decision taken by the State Government.

Baru Bian
N81 Ba’ Kelalan

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