Tuesday, October 25, 2016

DUN June 2016 Written Answer to YB Baru Bian's question No 7

Q.7 To ask the Chief Minister:

What steps had been taken by the State Government to ensure that English is made as one of Sarawak's medium of instruction?

Answer: For the information of Ahli Yang Berhormat for Ba' Kelalan, the State Government had recently declared English as the  second official language. The decision to bring back English as one of the official languages in administration is a bold step towards the right direction. The situation in Sarawak is that its people are in dilemma as to the usage of English which definitely impedes their progress and development. Thus, the decision to cordon using English as one of its official  language will definitely correct this oversight. In fact, the Sarawak Government has been practising the use of English in administrative correspondences and affairs although there was no strong commitment to officially proclaim English as an official language on all governmental matter until very recently. We are confident that the English usage in government administration in Sarawak will not witness the abrogation of the people of Sarawak's knowledge in the language of Bahasa Malaysia as it has always been given its rightful status.

As English has become the global language of  commerce, science, technology, literature as well as the medium of interaction between countries, the decision to use English as one of its official languages in the state's administration will make the state more competitive in the national and global arena in every field.

Admin comment: The so called 'answer' does not answer the question posed. Why write an essay on something totally out of point? The question is clear enough.

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Hugh said...

No step have been taken..the govenment does not seem keen enough to upgrade the pepple's knowledge of the English lsnguage .