Tuesday, October 25, 2016


24 OCTOBER 2016

Rahman Dahlan’s statement that the government will blacklist companies that sponsor the Bersih movement is uncalled for, immature and arrogant. It is tantamount to political threat and blackmail, and exposes a dictatorial streak which seems to course through the veins of most UMNO politicians. By jumping onto the Awang Selamat bandwagon, is he trying to gain some points in UMNO, considering that he may be subject to a certain coolness following the mass exodus of members of UMNO Sabah?

Every person has the right of association under the guarantees of Fundamental Liberties in Part II of the Federation Constitution, in Article 10. How can the demands of Bersih for free and fair elections and institutional reforms be a threat to the security of the country? It is people like Jamal Yunos and his ‘all out war’ statements who are the real threat. It is people like him that should be arrested. Instead we have Ministers like Rahman Dahlan who choose to ignore the real aggressors and threaten a peaceful civil society movement that is acting out of patriotism for the country.

Rahman Dahlan’s threat has the whisperings of a build up to the use of the National Security Act against Bersih on 19 November when the rally is scheduled to be held. If this should happen, it would only confirm to Malaysians and the rest of the world that the BN government has gone to the gutter, and that UMNO is cracking at the seams.

The citizens of this country can take action to show that we understand our rights and are not afraid to stand up for the country. Bersih is taking the lead and we must stand with them to fight for the truly democratic country that we so wish for.

Baru Bian
Chairman, KEADILAN Sarawak / ADUN N81 Ba’ Kelalan

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