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A real patriot wouldn’t have done what MO1 did

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YOURSAY | ‘Never in the history of mankind has one man brought so much shame to so many.’

Najib: Asia upholds non-intervention in domestic politics
CQ Muar: PM Najib Abdul Razak said, “... If any of our citizens call for foreign powers to intervene in our own affairs, they are not patriots. They are in fact betraying their people."

Oh, is that so, Najib? Are you unwittingly referring to yourself? Who are the real patriots, if we may ask?

For someone like you, allegedly saturated with unprecedented scandals since your days as deputy prime minister, your actions have brought nothing we ought to be proud of. It was one horrendous alleged crime after another.

How could the large majority of Malaysians be wrong about you if you had been an honest and dedicated PM? For once, please enlighten us with nothing but the truth.

Commentable: As Najib said so himself, the common principle of mutual non-interference in Asia and perhaps the world over, is to disallow foreign powers to meddle in local politics. The operative word is ‘politics’ and not crime, dear Malaysian Official 1 (MO1).

Allegedly stealing public funds belonging to Malaysians and moving those illicit monies into one's own personal account is called money laundering. It is a crime and the law is pretty much universal in this planet.

The monies didn't flow into that personal account on its own accord. It was done with instructions. 
That makes MO1 an accomplice, if not the mastermind, in this crime.

So then Mr PM, do you think the ‘foreign powers’ are willing to fold their arms and close one or both eyes when crimes are being committed on their own turf? Is that what you define as foreign powers meddling in local politics?

By the way, don't lecture people on who the patriots are. A real patriot wouldn't have done what MO1 did, allegedly stealing from the already struggling public and then letting them hang to rot.

Versey: Mr PM, can leaders of any country be counted as patriotic if instead of upholding a supposedly democratic country, he regresses it into a kleptocracy in the eyes of the world?

I thought patriotism means to stand by the country, not to stand by a kleptocratic government, no?
Aren't the brave students who wanted to catch the thieves who amassed enormous amounts of public money in their personal accounts patriotic?

And aren't they patriotic to have such love for their fellow citizens and the generations to come, that they were brave enough to voice their views, hoping to awaken their fellow rakyat so that they are not fooled and robbed by a kleptocratic government?

Tan Kim Keong: The duty of humanitarian intervention is to prevent abuses and atrocities around the world.

Does one just watch and do nothing when they see institutional corruption and human rights abuses?

So, please do not cite mutual non-interference or label citizens as being traitorous for wanting to put an end to the corruption and human rights abuses.

Negarawan: All politicians should be aware that they do not enjoy diplomatic immunity when a crime has been committed.

If any politician has broken the laws of any foreign country, just like if any foreigner breaks the laws of our country, then he will be subjected to legal action by the foreign country.

To mislead the public by saying that this is a "foreign intervention" or a "threat to sovereignty or security", is highly irresponsible and mischievous.

A politician that resorts to such ruses is clearly revealing his criminal traits, and this will further convince all the foreign investigation teams to intensify their work towards the arrest and indictment of the perpetrators.

Oscar Kilo: Indeed, the flipside of mutual non-interference is that you must respect the laws of other countries when you are in those countries.

So, international fraud, embezzlement and money laundering are definite no-nos. If you allegedly launder your illicit wealth in other countries, you should expect to be prosecuted.

Cogito Ergo Sum: I beg to disagree with Najib. When the citizenry is being economically, politically and socially oppressed by the state apparatus and when even the ballot box is no longer a fair arbiter, they can only appeal for someone outside for help.

Where do you go when all the institutions of governance, checks and balances, and any semblance of the rule of law have dissipated under the percussions of persecution? When activists are jailed merely for voicing what the people desire? Or when even a colour or balloons are banned?

We have even made Orwell's ‘1984' appear like a children's story book. Justice is justice, whether it is local or foreign.

Pahatian: Never in the history of mankind has one man brought so much shame to so many. And that one man is our 'beloved' PM of Malaysia. And this is the true value and meaning of 'patriotism'.
Anonymous 2362021442199789: If the odium expressed by most commentators is indicative of that in the hearts of the majority of educated and thinking Malaysians, MO1's position as the head of the Malaysian government is becoming untenable.
Anything and everything he says now is viewed cynically as he is deemed to be allegedly self-serving, untrustworthy and hypocritical. Simply put, he has lost our respect.

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