Monday, August 29, 2016

Petronas agreement too little too slow, says PKR

 | August 28, 2016

See Chee How says the state must be the ultimate decision-maker and not allow the Federal Government and Petronas to dictate the exploitation of Sarawak's resources.

PETALING JAYA: Federal government concessions to provide better employment opportunities for Sarawakians in Petronas operations come “too little too slow”, according to Sarawak PKR vice-chairman See Chee How.

In a statement issued today, See congratulated the state government for the outcome of negotiations with the Federal Government and Petronas but called for greater efforts to reclaim what “belonged” to Sarawakians in the first place.

He applauded the working plan to increase the number of Sarawakians employed by Petronas by 2020, but regretted the lack of agreement on a Sarawakian as general manager of Petronas operations in the state.

He said Sarawak had many capable candidates to fill the position.

He called for a Sarawakian to be appointed as human resource manager for Sarawak operations, and a recruitment body under the State Secretary to implement the localization plan.

See said the promise of 50 places for Sarawakian undergraduates in University Technology Petronas fell short of the demand for a Sarawak campus of the university to be set up.

He also called for the state government to be involved in the award of all licences and production sharing contracts.

“We have lost much over the last 50 years and Sarawak has suffered as a result of it,” he said, “We must not leave it to the Federal Government and others to further dictate and consider giving us some concessions.”

He called for the state to be the ultimate decision-maker, although Petronas was a “preferred partner” in the state’s ventures.

The state has been at loggerheads with Petronas over the number of Sarawakians employed by Petronas, and has frozen the issuing of work permits, which are required by Malaysians from outside Sarawak as well as foreign nationals.

Yesterday, Chief Minister Adenan Satem said an agreement had been reached with the Federal Government and Petronas on employment of Sarawakians by Petronas, which included the appointment of a Sarawakian on the Petronas board of directors.

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