Thursday, June 9, 2016

SARAWAK STATE ASSEMBLY JUNE 2016: Baru Bian's Questions

For Written Answers:
To ask the Minister of Infrastructure and Development:

1.   PM had announced that SMK Lg Semadoh will be built for RM35 million. Q: When will the construction commence and when it is to be completed?

2.   In the light of the AG’s Report in parliament that all Jiwa Murni’s roads by the Ministry of Defence in Sarawak are unsafe and unsatisfactorily built. Q: Will the Ba’kelalan/Bario Road be built differently?

3.   From reliable source I was informed the Lg Sebangang/Lg Sukang Road will only be tar-sealed for 3.5 kms. Q: Is this true? Whether compensation for NCR claims had been made?

4.   Q: Is the construction of the Lawas Hospital on schedule and will it have residence specialists?

5.   Q: What is the status on the problem with the completion of SK Lg Sukang?

  To ask the Minister of Social Welfare:

6.   Q: Drug is still a big problem in Lawas. What’s the statistic on the Enforcement Agencies success in suppressing this problem in Lawas?

To ask the Minister of Education:

7.   What steps had been taken by the State Government to ensure that English is made as one of Sarawak’s medium of instructions?

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