Friday, June 24, 2016


24 JUNE 2016

I refer to the statement by the Miri Police Chief ACP Junaidi Bujang that the police in Miri have not been able to act against the gangsters in Miri for their acts of violence and intimidation because of lack of evidence. This is the answer that we totally expected him to give and true to form, he did not disappoint.

“Lack of sufficient evidence” may be a reasonable excuse if there had been only one or two incidences but it is totally unacceptable in the long drawn out saga of the victimization of the Bekelit villagers during which numerous reports have been lodged.

Now we invite the ACP to deny knowledge of the following:

1.   In Dec 2014, a fully armed contingent of 80 police personnel led by the then Miri district police chief ACP Gan Tian Kee destroyed the blockade as well as the “piring” (ingredients of religious rituals).
2.  After TR Jambai’s house and car were firebombed, the gangsters employed by the company admitted to the crime, apologized and repaired the car and house.
3.   In one incident, the gangsters drove a car into the village and tried to run some villagers down. They were chased out on foot, and the car they left behind was found to be registered to the company. No charges were made by the police.
4.  In another incident, 2 cars chased the car TR Jambai was driving in Miri town. They rammed TR Jambai’s car, which caused it to turn over. TR Jambai’s wife and daughter who were in the car escaped injury but when TR Jambai got of of his car, he was slashed with a samurai sword. The two cars used by the gangsters which were left behind when they fled were also registered to the same company. Again, no charges were laid.
5.   Bill Kayong had received a phone call from the gangster (whom he knew) threatening to kill him for recording an offer of money he had made to Bill to negotiate with the villagers. Bill had played the recording to the villagers and the gangster found out about it. A report was lodged but nothing was done by the police. [Dr Michael Teo has also received death threats from the same gangster.]
6.  In the last incident, the assistant manager of the plantation had gone to Sungei Bekelit with 2 plainclothes immigration officer and 1 police officer where they threatened the villagers with 2 pistols. They were outnumbered by the villagers who arrested them and held them, until a group of people, including Bill, went and calmed the situation. It was reported that in their statements to the police, the intruders acknowledged that it was Bill who ‘saved’ them and provided them with food and drink. The immigration and police officers are reported to have admitted that the company paid them RM5,000.00 each for their help.
Can the ACP deny knowledge of these incidents? If not, can he tell us what had been done by the police following these incidents? Can he honestly say these victims could not identify the suspects? Can he deny knowledge that the gangsters had repaired the TR’s house and car after the firebomb? Can he deny that there were many potential witnesses to the incidents who could identify the suspects? Can he deny that the cars involved were all registered to the company?
Can we ask to see the investigation papers and reports for the incidents involving the Bekelit NCR land, which have been going on since 2008? Surely after so many years, the police must know what is going on? It is their job to keep the peace and protect the people. It is their job to know what is going on in the areas under their watch. We need a better explanation from the ACP than “lack of sufficient evidence”.
Baru Bian
PKR Sarawak

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