Friday, May 6, 2016


6 MAY 2016

The caretaker Chief Minister may ban anyone he wishes, but we, Sarawakian PKR leaders, are here, and we will always be here to continue our quest to offer Sarawakians a better and brighter future under a government that upholds the rule of law and protects the rights of all Sarawakians.

The refusal of entry for Azmin Ali this morning is highly regrettable and we hope it will not jeopardise the inter-governmental relationship between Sarawak and Selangor.

Barisan National should note that we are made of sterner and stronger stuff than they give us credit for. We have been through more difficult situations than this throughout our years of struggling for justice and fairness for Sarawakians.

Lastly, we wish to offer our condolences to the family of Deputy Minister of Plantation Industries and Commodities Noriah Kasnon whose body has reportedly been recovered near the helicopter crash site. We offer our prayers for the rescue or recovery of the remaining persons who were in the helicopter.  The best news we can hope for as we approach the end of the last campaigning day is their safe return.

Baru Bian
See Chee How
Ali Biju
Francis Teron
Jazolkipli bin Numan
Nurhanim Mokhsen
Mohamed Salleh bin Shawkatali
Voon Shiak Ni
Athina Klaywa Sim
Abang Junaidi bin Abang Gom
Willie Mongin
Musa ak Ngog
Alex Sabena k Nipong
Jamilah Baharuddin
Abang Zulkifli bin Abang Engkeh
Nicholas Mujah anak Ason
Jubri ak Atak
Norina Umoi ak Utot
Nicholas Bawin
Kolein Liong
Yakup Daud
Vernon Kedit
Noel Bucking
Jemat Panjang
Semana Sawang
Thomas Laja
George Chen Nguk Fa
Abd Raafidin Majidi
Asini @ Hasni bin Yahya
Sim Eng Hua
Simon Joseph Usau 
Joshua Jabeng
Alex Lehan
Abun Sui Anyit
Abdul Jalil bin Bujang
Bill Kayong
Mohdak Ismail
Elia Bit
Roland Engan
Pauls Baya

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