Friday, May 6, 2016


6 MAY 2016

Barisan National has hit a new low with the latest promise of money for the churches in Ba’ Kelalan 2 days before polling day. They will stoop to the lowest level to get votes from the Christian Lun Bawang community. The Christian Minister who was sent in from Sabah to perform this heinous act should be thoroughly ashamed for allowing himself to be used as a tool by the BN.

Since the BN wants to influence our Christians, instead of insulting their intelligence by throwing money promises at the people, the Minister should explain why their Malay-speaking Christian brothers and sisters in peninsula Malaysia are not allowed to use the word ‘Allah’, and he should also explain why the Jill Ireland case was allowed to be dragged on for so long, not to mention the confiscation of the Christian educational material at Kuching Port and at LCCT several years ago.

The churches have been neglected by BN for decades and for them to suddenly be so generous with promises only shows their insincerity. I urge the Christians in Ba’ Kelalan to be steadfast and to hold on to their integrity and pride. Our votes are sacred and the BN must not be allowed to defile our churches by their cheap attempt at vote-buying.

This unsavoury act by the BN proves one thing. Voting for the opposition sends a message to the BN that the voters are waking up to their empty promises. Voting for the opposition wakes the BN up to the neglect the people have been suffering. Voting for the opposition ensures that the BN will pay more attention to the people’s grouses and finally consider the basic amenities that should have been provided years ago.

The voters of Ba’ Kelalan and the rest of Sarawak must make a strong stand tomorrow against the underhanded tactics of the BN. Continue to vote for PKR for a better government.

Baru Bian
N81 Ba’ Kelalan

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