Monday, February 8, 2016



The year of the goat has whizzed by. Last year at this time, I had hoped that the Goat would bring this country renewal, growth and balance, manifesting the positive elements of this astrological sign. I had hoped that like the nimble and agile goat, we would be able to climb the rocky and steep mountain of recovery from a troubled year of the Horse.

Unfortunately, the year has instead been marked by the negative elements of the goat. Destructive, vengeful, irresponsible and violent events as well as leaders have brought this country and her people to a new low. Corruption scandals, mysterious sackings and murders, the kidnapping and tragic murder of Bernard Then, new repressive laws, continuing religious and racial bigotry, a plummeting currency and economic uncertainty are among the events that have shaped the past year. Although seemingly ‘cleared’ by the newly appointed Attorney General, the Prime Minister and his 1MDB are being investigated by the authorities in Switzerland, Singapore and Hong Kong. This country has been dragged into the international spotlight for all the wrong reasons.

This year is an important year for Sarawakians, as the Sarawak Elections will be held soon. Sarawakians have experienced a huge awakening over the past 5 years of our history and of our rights that have been disregarded by the UMNO/BN government. Sarawakians have also awakened to the fact we have the power, through our votes, to bring change to this country. Sarawak has been the fixed deposit for the BN government for long enough. Too many years in power have made the UMNO/BN regime arrogant and completely corrupt.

This year of the Monkey is the perfect time to create change. The monkey is intelligent, energetic and enthusiastic. Let us harness these characteristics to fight for the improvement of this country before it is completely ruined by the ruling elites. In the face of tightening controls and the narrowing democratic space that we are experiencing, we must never forget that the people are the ones who hold the power. The situation may look bleak now, but a change may be just around the corner. Let us look forward with hope and faith that good always triumphs over evil. Always.

I wish all my Chinese friends a Happy, Healthy and Prosperous New Year.

Xin Nian Kuai Le, Wan Shi Ru Yi!

Chairman, PKR Sarawak
ADUN N81 Ba’ Kelalan


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