Wednesday, February 17, 2016


17 FEBRUARY 2016

The coming Sarawak election will be the most challenging to date for the opposition coalition. For this reason, I urge the Pakatan Harapan coalition partner leaders to exercise political discipline and wisdom to preserve the coalition unity and mount a strong challenge in unison against the ruling BN.

PKR is disappointed that DAP Betong and Sri Aman have seen fit to make unwarranted and peevish attacks on our members and leaders. It is perhaps a sign of increasing panic amongst the members of those branches in the lead-up to our seat negotiation meeting later in the week. However, such attacks are counter-productive and only serve the opposition coalition on a platter as fodder to the BN parties.

There are proper channels within our parties for members and aspiring candidates to make their cases and complaints, and these channels are in place for a reason – so that our members do not resort to issuing malicious statements willy-nilly against each other. DAP has been on a one-sided warpath against us for many months now and we have refrained from responding in kind. We have made it plain that our aspiring candidates have had to meet our strict KPI requirements to prove their winnability and these documented KPIs will be put on the table during our seat negotiation meetings. DAP’s aspiring candidates should get down to the serious business of gathering evidences of their desirability and superiority, if any, instead of wildly shooting off press statements.

The leader of the DAP in Sarawak must realise that Sarawakians wish for us in the Pakatan Harapan coalition to work together to face the BN parties and their heavy artillery in the coming elections. I wish to ask YB Chong to rein in his members, and stop them from making incendiary and rash statements about our members and our leaders in West Malaysia. These irrational statements by his members are detrimental to the image of the opposition in the eyes of the public and I am concerned that they may reflect negatively on his role as leader of the party.

Let us bring all our issues to the table later this week and negotiate rationally and in a mature manner, in the spirit of co-operation and mutual respect. We must never forget that we are fighting the Barisan National, and not each other.

Baru Bian
PKR Sarawak

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