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Sarawak Legislative Assembly
8 December 2015

Answer to question submitted by Baru Bian.

(18) Y.B. Encik Baru Bian to ask the Minister for Infrastructure Development and Communications: Who is responsible for maintaining the Long Luping-Semadoh and Long Semadoh – Ba’Kelalan roads that are now in very bad condition? In view of the landas season approaching, will urgent repairs be made and when?

Menteri Pembangunan Infrastruktur dan Perhubungan (Y.B. Datuk Sri Michael Manyin Anak Jawong): Terima kasih, Tuan Speaker. For the information of Ahli Yang Berhormat for Ba’Kelalan Long Lopeng – Ba’Kelalan Road was improved under the Jiwa Murni Project that is under the Angkatan Tentera Malaysia.

The State Government had recently agreed to take over the repairs or the maintenance of the road. However, there is no real allocation given to us from the Federal Government, so urgent repairs are no, that is really required and we have started and it is ongoing but for the information of Ahli Yang Berhormat for Ba’Kelalan, JKR actually has done study about this Jiwa Murni Road. If we were to turn that into at least R1 JKR standard we need R1 JKR standard. We did at least RM1.8 million per kilometre. So that is a huge sum of money and for these stretch of road which is 71.8 kilometres, we need at least RM129,240,000.00 to really fully repair the road. Thank you.

Y.B. Encik Baru Bian: (Soalan Tambahan) Tuan Speaker, I have two additional questions. Thank you, Minister. First question, when you mentioned repair, does that mean a plan to properly tar sealed it. Repair could be just a repair of what’s happening today. So is there any plan to properly tar sealed it?
Second question, before the construction of the stretch of road, whether there was a proper process of extinguishments of NCR under Section 5 of the Land Code done before the construction. Thank you.

Menteri Pembangunan Infrastuktur dan Perhubungan (Y.B. Datuk Sri Michael Manyin Anak Jawong): Thank you. I’ll answer the second question first. There was a request from Ahli Yang Berhormat before you, and there was a consensus along the people in that area who had agreed to proceed with this Jiwa Murni Project. So that’s why there’s no prior agreement or whatever agreement with regards to the NCR. Repair as I said just now, it was only handed over to us last year but we were thinking very very hard whether to accept the responsibility or not because it’s going to be a huge amount of money required. That’s why I told you just now that if we were to really repair not repair, really turn into a minimum R1 standard that means tar sealed plus all the road furniture and all this guard rail, we need RM1.8 million per kilometre and that is what we are trying to do. So hopefully the Federal Government will come up with some money for us to not just to repair because it’s impossible to repair. Everywhere is the same, I have been there and it’s not under us, it’s under Jiwa Murni, but it was handed to us. So that’s why it’s not really possible to repair. We need to really rehabilitate the road. Thank you.

~ Unedited Hansard 8 Dec 2015

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