Thursday, November 19, 2015

PKR condemns electrical engineer’s beheading by terorrists

November 19, 2015, Thursday
KUCHING: State PKR strongly condemns the brutal killing of Sarawakian Bernard Then in the hands of terrorist group Abu Sayyaf.
“We condemn this kind of inhumane activities and actions in the name of whatever it is. It should be condemned totally and strongly.
“We would also like to express sympathy to the family of Bernard Then. We are really saddened by the news and are praying for the family,” its chairman Baru Bian told a press conference here yesterday.
The 39-year-old engineer was reported to have been beheaded at around 4pm in the Abu Sayyaf stronghold in Jolo, Philippines.
Philippines Joint Task Group Sulu commander Brigadier-General Alan Arrojado, who confirmed Then was beheaded, said the Indanan-based Abu Sayyaf led by sub-leaders Alden Bagade and Indang Susukan carried out the beheading in Taran, Indanan about 4pm after negotiations had broken down.
Arrojado, quoting military intelligent sources, said Then was decapitated and buried immediately.
There was also report that a severed head believed to be that of Then was found near a municipal council building in Jolo island on Tuesday evening.
In regarding this incident as “something really bad” that happened to a fellow Sarawakian, Baru said the government should seriously look into the issue of safety and security of the country, especially in Sabah.
“This is not the first time this (kidnapping) happened in Sabah. I think this incident should make it more urgent for the federal government to relook into this issue in Sabah because this is the thing that is of great concern to us.”
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