Thursday, November 12, 2015

Grill Najib on RM2.6b, gov't crackdowns, Bersih urges Obama

Zikri Kamarulzaman

US President Barack Obama has been urged to question Prime Minister Najib Abdul Razak on various scandals and government crackdowns on dissent.
Bersih said if Obama remains silent when he attends the Asean summit this month, it will mean the US approves of authoritarianism.
"We ask that these crucial questions, on 1MDB and the RM2.6 billion, need to be asked and of course the persecution of social activists," Bersih chairperson Maria Chin Abdullah said.
"If he's here and doesn't question Najib, then he's sending a message that America will support authoritarianism for its own geopolitical interest," Bersih steering committee member Wong Chin Huat added.
Speaking at the Bersih headquarters in Petaling Jaya today, Maria said regional leaders attending the Asean summit in Kuala Lumpur must also grill Najib.
The Asean summit will be held from Nov 18 to 22.
US media had previously asked Obama to query Najib (on the same matter) for the same reasons cited by Bersih.
However, the Washington Post noted that Obama is counting on Najib to approve the Trans-Pacific Partnership Agreement (TPPA).
The TPPA is a free trade agreement that could be one of Obama’s milestones before he leaves office next year.
Malaysia is scheduled to vote on the agreement in Parliament either in January or early February 2016.

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