Saturday, November 7, 2015

BTN: 'Racism is good' slides only for research purposes

Shakira Buang  

National Civic Bureau (BTN) director Raja Arif Raja Ali has denied his agency preaches racism in its courses, many of which are targeted at students and civil servants.
He said this in response to the controversial slides earlier uploaded on its website claiming that racism can be used for "good".
Raja Arif said the slides, which were widely publicised in the media and have since been removed by BTN, was merely research material and that it was not used for teaching.
"We never taught our course participants about racism or how to beat other races.
"We have never said we are superior to other people. We have never said we are better than other races.
"What was shown (in the slides) were merely research material for our reading. What we read may not necessarily be what we practice," he told a press conference after attending the National Patriotism Convention in Kuala Lumpur today.
The slides were first highlighted on June 15 and provoked a negative reaction from the public.
'Single stream schooling better'
On a separate issue, Raja Arif said it would be wise for the government to form a single stream school system to overcome racial differences.
"I came from the village, a Malay school - a national school - but Chinese and Indian friends were schooling in the cities and when entering boarding school, there was no interaction among one another.
"For the long term, it is best that we can be schooled together (in a single stream school system).
"Why shouldn't our children sit together (with other races) without prejudice?" he said.

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