Monday, October 19, 2015


19 OCTOBER 2015

I am appalled by Najib’s effrontery in continuing to make statements which the rakyat are tired of hearing and which only the most gullible die-hard BN supporter would believe.

His latest ‘advice’ about not making 1MDB a political football would be funny if it were not so offensive. How can the public have any confidence in the PAC investigations into 1MDB when Najib has stymied the PAC hearings by removing the chairman of the committee and replaced the Attorney General? This new Attorney General has shown himself to be an UMNO man by his refusal to accept Bank Negara’s recommendations on 1MDB and insisting that 1MDB has done nothing wrong.

There is now concern that Najib is trying to interfere with Bank Negara’s insistence on compliance with financial rules and regulations and demanding answers from 1MDB. As pointed out by the BNM governor, an international task force called the Financial Action Task Force is also probing 1MDB’s affairs. The people of Malaysia are entitled to know the truth about Najib and why 1MDB is mired in astronomical debts, not to mention the RM2.6bil that ended in Najib’s personal bank account.

As for Najib’s claim that they were democratically elected, let him not forget that 52% of the population voted for the opposition in the last general elections. The rakyat did not choose him to be the Prime Minister of this country, unlike the Presidents of the USA and Philippines. Even his party leaders and members have lost confidence in him and are demanding answers from him. Here is a prime minister and party leader who feels that he is above the principles of accountability and transparency.

Today’s papers carry report that Najib has finally said that Malaysian Chinese are not ‘Pendatang’. Why does he say this at Gerakan’s Conference and at Christian gatherings but not at the UMNO General Assembly, or at any of the UMNO division meetings? Why does he not say these things to Perkasa’s face? Why does he let Malay supremacist groups spout their hateful prejudices? He should have the courage to choose the correct audience for his “Chinese are not Pendatang” remarks. But Malaysians already know that to wait for him to show courage would be an exercise in futility.

Najib’s attempt to portray himself as a moderate and democracy-loving PM may have fooled some western countries but he has shown himself to be a hypocrite in Malaysia. His words and actions have no consistency, and his audience-selective platitudes ring hollow. Najib is an embarrassment and a liability to Malaysia, and he must go.

Baru Bian
ADUN N70 Ba’ Kelalan

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