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As polls loom, Adenan distances himself from embattled PM


YOURSAY | ‘S’wak CM, a vote for you is a vote for BN, of which Najib is the head.’
Odin Tajué: Sarawak Chief Minister Adenan Satem, only very recently, you said that PM Najib Razak had done more for Sarawak than former PM Dr Mahathir Mohamad.
You are obviously supporting Najib. Therefore, voting you into office at the next state election equals voting for Najib to stay on.
The opposition is not being crafty. It is a fact. You can fool the ignorant Sarawakians in the rural areas, whom you have kept out of the loop, but you can't those in the urban centres.
Next point. The 1MDB grand scam has everything to do with Sarawak.
Sarawakians are suffering due to the Goods and Services Tax (GST) and other burdens imposed on Malaysians as a result of the federal government being short of cash from having to service only the interest payments on 1MDB's astronomical debts and whatever other obligations it has. And the Sarawakians will continue to be so.
Sarawak, as is Sabah, has been screwed and squeezed by Umno since 1966 when it got Stephen Kalong Ningkan removed from office, and by its own politicians. Sarawak is rich in natural resources, and yet it is the third poorest.
Now Umno is even more desperate to keep Sarawak (and Sabah) - because the oil and gas fields offshore Malaya are already mature. That means they are already depleted. The only source of big money is the hydrocarbons fields offshore of Sarawak.
Umno wants to maintain its stranglehold on these fields, and leaving the ordinary Sarawakians poor. Of course, Sarawakians like you have no problems. You all have your hundreds of millions and billions already.
The only way Sarawakians can get back what is rightfully theirs is to vote you and all the rest in the Sarawak BN out - and to keep you out permanently.
Res Ipsa: Adenan, deep inside you must certainly be concerned whether the association of your ruling party PBB with BN, which is heavily tainted with the 1MDB scandal, could cause your downfall in the coming state elections.
You can claim until the cows come home that you have nothing to do with 1MDB but the mega corruption scandal involving the said company and the PM indirectly is certainly going to drag you and your party down due to the association with the BN.
Perhaps this may be the right time for you to contain the damage by pulling PBB out of the ruling coalition if Najib does not do the honourable thing of stepping down immediately.
By the way Adenan, you must also be mindful that time may not be on your side due to the proximity of the state elections. The ball is in your court.
Myrights: Yes, Adenan, you are guilty by association and especially when you have declared that you support Najib.
So, a vote for you equals a vote for Najib. How difficult is that for you to understand?
Proarte: The opposition will lose ignominiously in Sarawak. This is partly due to Adenan's leadership and policies. He has used Umno weakness to his advantage to provide a better deal for Sarawakians.
The toll free Pan-Borneo Highway is one example. Why should Sarawakians vote for the opposition? Anwar Ibrahim is despised in East Malaysia.
When he was in charge of Umno Sabah and a Mahathir poodle, Sabah saw increasing 'Islamisation' and religiously bigoted rhetoric and more shockingly the influx of up to a million of Muslim illegals from Philippines and Indonesia to upset the demographics to Umno's advantage.
The Islamisation also infected Sarawak but fortunately not immigration because to his credit Abdul Taib Mahmud, the former CM, refused to allow Umno in Sarawak because he wanted it as his personal fiefdom to plunder.
DAP too has been damaged by their association with PAS, a party whose core aspiration is to unconstitutionally set up an Islamic state with hudud in the statute books.
Boonpou: Adenan, the only reason why your popularity rating is so high among certain Sarawakians is because you are the successor to the ‘white hair’ CM.
Some Sarawakians told me that you have indeed accomplished a little - a little meaning you have voiced your concerns on the illegal logging that has destroyed the rainforest in your state for decades under the ‘white hair’ regime and his number one crony, James Masing.
But then again, they also told me they are concern what you said is mere rhetoric as illegal logging is still going on.
Since Sarawakians always tell me us that West Malaysians don't understand Sarawak, this leaves me to wonder, if they understand Sarawak so much, why are they being screwed, time and again, by their state government.
Anonymous_1371637464: How can Adenan say "no Sarawakian connection" to the 1MDB scandal. He must be aware that his predecessor's shares in the UBG bank were bought out with funds from 1MDB - purportedly illicitly.
CQ Muar: Supporting Adenan is to support Najib. Don't play into the hands of these corrupted actors in politics.
When they need you, they will promise the "sun and the moon", thereafter it's bye-bye after you'd rendered them the support; laughing behind your back over your gullibility.
Enough is enough - this nation just cannot afford to allow those highly corrupted ministers under the present government led by Najib to fleece us any longer.
Throw them all out in the next general election if we wish this country to prosper for the sake of our children. No more expensive mistakes.
Vijay47: Talk about Freudian slips! Adenan, your distancing from 1MDB speaks a lot about what you yourself feel about that scandal.
There would have been nothing wrong had you simply said that until recently, you were not aware of even the existence of that albatross around Najib's neck, it was such a well-kept secret.
But since you are disavowing any connection with 1MDB, you are actually admitting that it is indeed an outrage, and that you should not be tainted by it as "it has got nothing to do with Sarawak".
Mr and Mrs Pekan are not going to be too pleased with your stand.
Avatar_3e8a: A vote for you is a vote for BN, of which Najib is the head. Please do not view your constituents, of which I am one, as stupid and/or naive.

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