Tuesday, September 29, 2015



The recent statements by Sylvester Entri and Johnical Rayong calling for the people to reject the opposition parties and Peninsula Malaysian parties is a sign that BN is afraid that the people will come to realize that they have been duped by BN for the past few decades. In fact, there has been an increase in these sorts of statements lately from BN politicians, which points to their worry that more and more people are beginning to reject their ‘empty promise and money’ style of politics.

However, if they want to call for a rejection of politicians from Peninsula Malaysia, then they must be consistent and call for a rejection of Khairy Jamaluddin’s planned visit next year, as reported in today’s papers. Will they be true to their words and show their sincerity this way?

Anyone who believes that Sarawakian politics can be isolated from Peninsula Malaysian politics is dreaming. Although there are issues pertaining to Sarawak which are unique to us, every political and economic development in Peninsula Malaysia has direct consequences on us. It was the neglect of BN all these years and that has led to the backwardness of Sarawak today. Our rights under the Malaysia Agreement 1963 were ignored by the BN government in Peninsula Malaysia, and even history was rewritten so that people were ignorant of the real events of our past. These are the people with whom Sylvester Entri and Johnical Rayong are affiliated. What is there to be proud of? Why should we not reject them? They are Peninsula based parties also. What have the so called ‘Sarawak based parties’ such as PBB, SPDP, PRS, SUPP done for the people over the years besides getting themselves, their families and cronies lucrative business contracts? Why is Sarawak so backward after being under their control for 50 years? Up until today, they are still talking about bringing development for Sarawak and making extravagant promises. Just compare our status now with that of Singapore, who started out with us on the same footing – if it is not the BN/UMNO government that is to blame for our backwardness, then who?

There is no basis for the banning of political leaders from Peninsula Malaysia. The Immigration Act specifically allows the entry of Malaysians for legitimate political activities. If anyone should be banned, it should be the UMNO politicians who support and defend the racist and extremist Red Shirt bigots. These are the people who play on racial sentiments to provoke the people and to rule by fear. Opposition and NGO leaders such as Rafizi Ramli, Zuraida Kamaruddin, Tony Pua, Teresa Kok and Ambiga Sreenevasan are advocates for the rights of the people to a true democracy, freedom of speech and assembly, and for fairness, justice and equality. There is nothing objectionable about any of these aspirations.

The only reason people like Sylvester Entri and Johnical Rayong want the opposition to be rejected is that they are afraid of the truth coming out, that the lies and empty promises of BN will finally be revealed and the people awakened. Let the rakyat judge who are the mind-poisoners, and who are speakers of the truth.

ADUN N70, Ba’ Kelalan

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