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PKR Sarawak's 18-Point Roadmap

18-Point Roadmap

Our first duty is the complete removal of the cancer that is Barisan Nasional. This Roadmap outlines the difficult path toward healing and transforming our great nation. Our centrist policies signal a new era of equality, opportunity, and possibility. We’re working for a stronger, fairer Sarawak.  


  • A proud Malaysian State. 

mosque_icon_100x100.png2. RELIGIOUS FREEDOM 

  • For a multi-religious and multi-cultural Sarawak.

hills_icon_100x100.png3. LAND

  • This land was made for you and me.

justice_icon_100x100.png4. ECONOMIC JUSTICE

  • No Sarawakian left behind.


  • The lifelines of a growing nation. 

water-electricity.png6. ELECTRICITY & WATER

  • Basic necessities, not privileges.

housing_icon_100x100_1.png7. HOUSING

  • The building blocks of a stable community. 

education_icon_100x100.png8. EDUCATION

  • The future starts here.  

healthcare_icon_100x100.png9. HEALTHCARE

  • Quality healthcare for all.

donation_icon_100x100.png10. WELFARE

women_icon_100x100.png11. WOMEN'S RIGHTS

  • Empowered women, empowered communities. 

youth_icon_100x100.png12. YOUTH

  • Kick-starting the next generation's potential. 

trophy_icon_100x100.png13. SPORTS

  • Standing tall in every arena.   

leadership_icon_100x100.png14. COMMUNITY EMPOWERMENT

  • Fostering real democracy. 

tree_icon_100x100.png15. ENVIRONMENT & FORESTRY 

  • Preserving our rich natural heritage. 

farming_icon_100x100.png16. AGRICULTURE & FISHERIES

  • A new season of increased productivity and sustainability.  

google_maps_icon_100x100.png17. TOURISM

  • Putting Sarawak on the map.

culture_icon_100x100.png18. CULTURE

  • Lifting our national treasures.


A proud State within Malaysia and an equal partner to the formation of this country, the time for Sarawak to take her rightful place in the Federation of Malaysia is now. 
  1. Reaffirm Sarawak as an autonomous State and an equal partner within the Federation of Malaysia as per the spirit of the Malaysia Agreement of 1963 within the framework of the Federal Constitution as outlined in the Kuching Declaration.
  2. Investigate allegations of graft, fraud, misappropriation, malfeasance, criminal breaches of trust, and profiteering without fear or favour and to initiate legal proceedings as a consequence for full restitution of public funds.
  3. Constitute the Sarawak Select Committee on Competency, Accountability and Transparency (SARACAT), a nine-member panel consisting entirely of State assemblypersons chaired by the Speaker which holds public hearings to investigate State issues and thereby usher in a new approach of good governance based on Competency, Accountability and Transparency.
  4. Gazette the 22nd of July as a public holiday in recognition of the date as Sarawak's Independence Day.
  5. Reinstate “Fair Land Sarawak” as the State anthem.
  6. Streamline the process by which all Sarawakians can receive an Identification Card, and where there are complications or complaints, ensure prompt resolution.
  7. Remove the term lain-lain from all State government forms, and give Sarawakians the option to fill in the ethnicity with which they identify instead.
  8. To reclaim Education and its related government ministry and departments in Sarawak from the Federal List to the Concurrent List as per the spirit of the Malaysia Agreement of 1963 with a view to address and redress weaknesses and failures of previous education policies affecting Sarawak.
  9. Cede the pre-eminence of race-based quota policies in the State to needs-based affirmative action policies, nonetheless aware that inequalities between ethnic groups are real.
  10. Implement a progressive Borneonisation of the Civil Service based on competence and eligibility to realise the spirit of the 18 Points Agreement of 1963 for Sarawak. 
  11. Review and reconstitute all Government Linked Companies’ Boards of Directors to reflect the composition of all races and religions in the State.
  12. Decentralise power to strengthen local government.
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 mosque_icon_100x100.png2. RELIGIOUS FREEDOM 

For a multi-religious and multi-cultural Sarawak to flourish harmoniously, we should honour the spirit of the Malaysia Agreement of 1963.
  1. Recognise and respect that Islam is the official national religion of Malaysia, as we strive to maintain Sarawak having no official religion.
  2. Protect the absolute right to religious freedom and practice in Sarawak for all religions as guaranteed in the Federal and State Constitutions, particularly the right to print, circulate and use religious texts without state interference or regulations, so long as such texts do not contravene the law.
  3. Ensure equitable distribution of building funds and lands for the construction of places of worship for all religions.
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hills_icon_100x100.png3. LAND

The right to ownership of land, especially those of the Orang Asal, must be upheld by a just society.  
  1. Constitute a State Land Commission that will oversee both native and urban land issues, and to amend the Land Code to include ‘pemakai menua’ and ‘pulau galau’ as Native Customary Land, and make full restitution to rightful and legal owners of NCR lands.
  2. Convert all leaseholds of residential land to freehold where title holders can prove legitimate ownership and are not rent-seeking monopolies.
  3. Present freehold titles to all places of worship that have been in existence on and before the 22nd of July, 1963, and consider the same for all other applications after 1963 on individual case basis.
  4. Legislate ordinances as per proposals by SUHAKAM in its “Report of the National Inquiry into the Land Rights of Indigenous Peoples.
  5. Align reforms according to the principles set forth in the UNDRIP, in particular the principle of free, prior and informed consent of our Orang Asal
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justice_icon_100x100.png4. ECONOMIC JUSTICE 

Sarawak has huge natural resources but her people remain among the poorest in Malaysia. We'll work to redress this economic injustice and create a thriving economy which will provide greater opportunities for all. Our labour laws will ensure that Sarawakians get a fair deal. 
  1. Implement the Keadilan Sarawak Development Plan 1.0 (KSDP), an intensive and integrated sustainable development plan to accelerate economic growth in every sector.
  2. Engage Petronas at the negotiating table to reclaim ownership of Sarawak’s oil and gas, and simultaneously execute drawdown on an advance of 20% oil and gas royalty of 5 years in guaranteed government bonds to accelerate development.
  3. Develop “RURBANISATION:” set up targeted rural development hubs throughout the State within 5 years, linking nearby villages to at least one modern centre in which education, healthcare, and public utility needs can be met while catalysing the creation of economic opportunities, entrepreneurship and industries.
  4. Pursue a robust policy of attracting Foreign Direct Investment to Sarawak while developing Local Domestic Investment, and commence a “Return Home to Sarawak” policy to encourage the repatriation of professionals the world over, and offer Permanent Residency to foreign spouses of Sarawakians returning home.
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Highways connecting us to cities and information are crucial drivers of economic growth. It's about time we arrived in the 21st century. 
  1. Reprioritise the State Planning Unit and State Planning Authority to place urban and rural development policies in line with the spirit of this Roadmap.
  2. Review and audit the construction of the Pan Borneo Highway and all matters associated with it, and if proven not viable, replace with a new highway from Lundu to Limbang, and build feeder highways to rural hubs, towns and cities.
  3. Prioritise the construction of roads to all rural locations to create access to and from urban and sub-urban hubs which will act as a catalyst for economic growth.
  4. Build necessary infrastructure to provide world-class broadband and telecommunications to both urban and rural areas.
  5. Commence a feasibility study for the setting up of a State-owned television station.
  6. Commence a feasibility study for the construction of a State-wide railway system.
  7. Offer incentives for public transport providers to accelerate connectivity between rural hubs, towns and cities.
  8. Manage issuance of fleet permits to large companies for taxi services in compliance with our national policy as stated in the Buku Jingga.
  9. Regulate, with safety as the priority, the van sapu industry by issuing licences to owners and assisting them with financing new purchases.
  10. Construct new airports in targeted rural hubs and upgrade current rural airports and commence a feasibility study on the viability of a low-cost home-based Sarawakian airline.
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water-electricity.png6. ELECTRICITY & WATER

Decades of political inaction have given us rotting infrastructure and too many Sarawakians lacking basic necessities. Here's what we're going to do.
  1. Restructure Sarawak Energy Berhad and its subsidiaries to comply with environmental regulations and social needs. 
  2. Initiate negotiations to acquire the Bakun Dam from the Federal Government.
  3. Connect every corner of the State to the grid within 5 years, especially in rural areas.
  4. Streamline the procedures of the current Rural Electrification Scheme, with an emphasis on approving backlog applications and bringing electricity to homes that have wires and poles - but no electricity. And bring micro-hydro projects to rural areas that are unusually inaccessible.
  5. Free electricity for first RM30 worth of units for all domestic consumers.
  6. Replace old water piping systems with modern pipes, and upgrade water plants with the latest pump technology to combat water pressure issues.
  7. Grant free water supply up to 20 cubic metres for all domestic consumers.
  8. Install or repair gravity feed systems that are off the water grid in rural areas.
  9. Preserve and protect water catchment areas from pollution by timber extraction or plantation activities.
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housing_icon_100x100_1.png7. HOUSING

Sarawakians deserve better homes. 
  1. Allocate grants for the construction and refurbishment of as many rural homes as possible within 5 years.
  2. Establish a state-owned Building Society to build, rent, and sell as many urban and sub-urban affordable homes as possible within 5 years.
  3. Enforce, and where lacking, create consumer financial laws to penalise predatory lenders and empower Sarawakians to make informed decisions in the housing market.
  4. Set forth rent control policies to protect tenants from rising costs of living. 
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education_icon_100x100.png8. EDUCATION 

We need to lift rural and urban students alike, leaving no child behind, to put them on par with their peers in other developed nations. We need our teachers to excel in the classroom, not at pushing paper. The strong, prosperous future that Sarawakians want and deserve starts with quality education today.
  1. Immediately channel RM1 billion towards the renovation and upgrading of rural schools and dormitories.
  2. Increase the prominence of English from Primary level to Form Six and commence a study for the introduction of a progressive dual language education system after those of Australia, Canada, Singapore and the United Kingdom, and recalibrate educator courses to realise this policy. 
  3. Review food and beverage supply mechanisms in all residential schools with the prime objective of ensuring our boarders are more than adequately fed nutritional meals four times a day, every day including public and school holidays.
  4. Cede the preeminence of race-based quota policies in the state to needs-based affirmative action policies, nonetheless aware that inequalities between ethnic groups are real and therefore disburse needs-based grants to all primary, secondary, collegiate and university students upon enrollment.
  5. Review and rewrite, on the advice of educators and policy-makers, syllabi of subjects taught from Primary level to Form Six, specifically HISTORY, to restore “The History of Sarawak” in school syllabi to reflect how Sarawak became party to the formation of the Federation of Malaysia.
  6. Foster Borneonisation of the teaching corps and address administrative issues faced by teaching corps, especially with reporting via online servers.
  7. Increase intake of qualified teachers and other education staff to decrease ratio of teacher-to-student in classrooms.
  8. Protect Sarawak’s diversity with annual grants for vernacular and religious schools, with particular emphasis on native languages to Form Five level.
  9. Allocate special grants to kindergartens and pre-school organisations that have special focus and emphasis on the teaching of their respective ethnic mother tongues.
  10. Found new universities in targeted hubs specialising in specific fields and disciplines to support local growth.

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 healthcare_icon_100x100.png9. HEALTHCARE

The declining standards and rising costs of healthcare in Sarawak call for immediate action.  
  1. Upgrade existing hospitals by setting healthcare standards for equipment and personnel.
  2. Build more rural clinics throughout the state, and mandate two doctors per rural clinic with availability of baseline minimum of medical equipment/facilities and medication.
  3. Recruit doctors to staff all hospitals and clinics to increase doctor-to-patient ratio and introduce an expatriate-local medical staff mentoring programme for 5 years at all levels to improve healthcare services.
  4. Improve the standards of local medical schools, and build new schools where necessary, for a quality homegrown medical corps.
  5. Expand and improve programmes aimed at improving hygiene and health awareness in the most rural interiors, such as the Flying Doctor Service, and mandate quarterly health checks in the interior by medical teams. 
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donation_icon_100x100.png10. WELFARE

When our brothers, fathers, sisters, mothers, stumble - we believe in helping them get on their feet. 
  1. Support Sarawakian households with parents aged 65 and above with annual grants of RM2,400 per household at RM200 per month.
  2. Ensure that orang kurang upaya (the physically-challenged) will have equal income to the minimum wage and create tax incentives for their employers.
  3. Funerary grant of RM2,000 per death to next-of-kin.
  4. Collaborate with and support organisations committed to alleviating the plight of the urban and sub-urban homeless and hungry.
  5. Review of the Welfare Department, its policies, and delivery system of State welfare to the old, physically-challenged and needy with the prime objective of caring for them justly.
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women_icon_100x100.png11. WOMEN'S RIGHTS

Women are more than simply half the population. They're part of our schools, towns, offices, homes, and when they prosper, we all prosper. 
  1. Adopt a zero tolerance policy for violence against women and children.
  2. Support, collaborate, and give grants to fund women's NGOs and other grassroots organisations in the establishment of shelters for survivors of domestic violence.
  3. Allocate benefits for single mothers and abandoned mothers.
  4. Strengthen legal access by divorced/abandoned wives to enforce payment of maintenance by defaulting husbands and ex-spouses.
  5. Extend the Married Women and Children (Enforcement of Maintenance) Act 1968 to Sarawak to widen options for legal enforcement of payment of maintenance via salary deductions.
  6. Reinstate the Home Maker Programme amongst rural women to encourage the adoption of a healthy lifestyle, domestic skills, and home economics.
  7. Commence a study on the viability of free and universal preschools, nurseries and childcare services for working mothers in targeted cities and towns.
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youth_icon_100x100.png12. YOUTH 

A growing nation is not an achievement but a responsibility. Sarawakian youth should be given the space and encouragement to take ownership of their potential. 
  1. Offer welfare, housing and transportation benefits for unemployed youths contingent on specific conditions for a specific period.
  2. Start an entrepreneurship programme for young people with regulated availability of start-up grants starting at RM5,000 up to RM50,000 per business model.
  3. Set up a database of unemployed fresh graduates to enable the government to work with the private sector to commence apprenticeship programmes and internships for young adults in need of a foot in the door.
  4. Mandate government agencies to provide free pre-college career shows, seminars and counselling on business, trade and job opportunities in all secondary schools.
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trophy_icon_100x100.png13. SPORTS

Our potential to compete seriously on the international stage has never been fully tapped. Game on. 
  1. Implement targeted sports development programmes for rural schools to make Sarawak a powerhouse for sports on the global arena.
  2. Provide targeted world-class sports infrastructure and facilities to complement sports development programmes throughout the State and invite expatriate sports professionals to work with local sports trainers in developing sports to an international level.
  3. Develop sports teams and associations with adequate funding commensurate with systematic monitoring of standards in order to achieve the goal of making Sarawak a sports powerhouse.
  4. Provide educational scholarships to athletes who excel in sports at national and international levels to develop a large stadium of Sarawakian sportsmen and sportswomen.
  5. Establish a retirement scheme for athletes who have represented the State internationally.
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leadership_icon_100x100.png14. COMMUNITY EMPOWERMENT

We know real, lasting community development comes from the ground up. Here's to empowering community leaders as they pave the way.
  1. Safeguard the free election of community leaders according to respective customs and adat.
  2. Revamp the present Community Chiefs and Headmen Ordinance 2004 in alignment with the principles set forth by UNDRIP.
  3. Increase monthly allowances and benefits for community leaders in proportion to their responsibilities: village or longhouse chief, RM1,200; penghulu and kapitan, RM2,500; pemancha, RM3,000; temenggong, RM4,500.
  4. Mandate regular leadership and civics training programmes for community leaders.
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tree_icon_100x100.png15. ENVIRONMENT & FORESTRY

Our lush forests and teeming rivers are at risk of being lost. Irretrievably. We're committed to reestablishing the great primary forests and conserving wildlife. Responsibly. 
  1. Stop all mega-dam projects and conduct a public inquiry on the environmental impact of the Sarawak Corridor of Renewal Energy.
  2. Put forth a comprehensive Forestry Master Plan with these primary aims: the protection of existing parks; moratorium on remaining unlogged primary rainforests; restoration of degraded logged forests; gazetting of 1.5 million hectares of selected rainforests as Totally Protected Areas (national parks, nature reserves and wildlife sanctuaries); and the implementation of best management practices with sustainable logging cycles in licenced concession areas.
  3. Mandate Environmental Impact Assessments and Public Commissions before implementation of any mega-projects.
  4. Reaffirm the roles of the Sarawak Biodiversity Centre and Unimas’ Institute of Biodiversity and Environmental Conservation as centres for biodiversity studies and nature conservation in Sarawak while setting up an Institute for Renewable & Sustainable Energy Resource to pursue every sustainable energy option available for Sarawak.
  5. Enforce a state-wide recycling programme that includes public awareness and education on protecting the environment.
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farming_icon_100x100.png16. AGRICULTURE & FISHERIES

For farmers and fishermen, mainstays of the Sarawakian fabric, we need smart policies to support those who support us all.  
  1. Introduce a price support system for primary crops like rubber, pepper, cocoa and oil palm to provide support for small-holders during downturns for these commodities.
  2. Revamp the Agriculture Department to provide knowledge and targeted financial support in order to enhance its role in lifting the standard of living of rural folk.
  3. Revamp SALCRA and carry out an audit of its business in line with good governance.
  4. Develop Sarawakian highlands as regional hubs for the production of temperate vegetables and fruits and endeavour to elevate rice production to sustain the State’s needs, and bring it to the level of a cash crop.
  5. Review the issuance of licenses to large fishing companies with the goal of giving priority to local fishing communities by empowering local fishermen with knowledge and funding to meet the challenges of modern fishing.
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google_maps_icon_100x100.png17. TOURISM

Putting our home in order entails being able to host guests from all over the world. With pride.   
  1. Formulate a long-term, holistic State Tourism Master Plan for the development of a sustainable tourism industry: with a focus on cultural heritage, natural heritage, culinary heritage and medical health tourism. (Note: the last State Tourism Plan was drawn up in 1994.)
  2. Develop targeted tourism products in various parts of the State that will showcase the uniqueness of all ethnic groups, with particular emphasis on sustainable eco-tourism and full exploitation of the potential of Borneo’s unique position in the world.
  3. In line with 17.2, Parti Keadilan Rakyat will announce a list of tourism products based on tourist attractions, both current and to-be-developed, for SPECIAL DEVELOPMENT STATUS in various parts of the State before the 11thState Election.
  4. Offer incentives, tax holidays and various financial and simplified procedural support to the business sector to carry tourism to a world-class level.
  5. Initiate negotiations with international airlines for an open sky policy throughout Sarawak.
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culture_icon_100x100.png18. CULTURE

Sarawak is home to a dizzying array of cultures and possibilities that have yet to be fully explored or developed. We have to protect our past, in our present, for our future.  
  1. Reclaim the Sarawak Museum Department in full from the Federal List and bring museology in the state to the 21st century, with particular emphasis on Borneo anthropology, by allocating funding to cooperate with international collaborators, specialists, institutes and universities.
  2. Found a world-class International Centre for Borneo Studies that should be affiliated with and located in a local university.
  3. Found a world-class Palace for the Performing Arts with salaried resident artistes, and an Academy of Performing Arts (teaching and researched based) as the basis for sustaining Sarawak’s unique cultural position in the world.
  4. Found a world-class Foundation of Borneo Arts, Crafts & Heritage with salaried resident practitioners.
  5. Legislate ordinances to protect our Intangible Cultural Property and National Living Treasures and become a signatory to the Convention for the Safeguarding of the Intangible Cultural Heritage by UNESCO.
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