We have a prime minister who began with lots of promises. In fact, the word ‘transformation’ was the key and deeply associated with him. We set up Pemandu and came up with transformation programmes that were mind-boggling. We have more acronyms coined for each of all these transformation programmes than we could remember. We have grandiose plans and ambitions. We were on the verge of greatness, so to speak.

But what glaring transformation have we seen in this country during the past six to seven years? All I recognise are incomprehensible changes that were totally at a tangent with the values I know of this country.

Suddenly I realise our country and the system of government we inherited are frail and fragile. When push comes shove, there is not much we could do. All the institutions of government seem helpless and powerless.

Allegations and accusations of wrongdoings are churning out endlessly from various quarters. So far none of these is ever answered satisfactorily by those in power. Instead, each accusation is either ignored, countered with threats or answered with irrelevancy.

Leaders are blatantly hapless and immoral. They defiantly and shamelessly defend the indefensible. They knowingly treat the people with contempt.

There is no consideration for public or national interest any more. The country is on autopilot to oblivion. Unity and religious issues are allowed to fester, sometimes deliberately. The ringgit is allowed to plummet, cost of living allowed to escalate and our environment, security and education continue to suffer.

I sat down to think hard as to what the government has accomplished during the last six years. I could think of none, zip. If you have one, please let me know.

Has it ever occurred to us that the great transformation that began some six years ago has actually transformed this country into a basket case?

What have significantly changed? Improprieties and scandals are now the norm. Leaders and various levers of power do not need to account for their actions or inactions. All they need to do is to cover up and protect the wrongs committed by each other. All the institutions of government are eunuchs. They carry out no real investigation and take no real action. They just have to make periodic statements to indicate they are still alive and kicking.

I realise, too, that Malaysia is a democracy in name only. The moment there is a possibility of other parties winning and coming into power, things begin to change. First, they make sure constituencies are even more lopsidedly demarcated. Then election funding and media access are controlled. Now they don’t even allow certain political parties to talk to their constituents.

Everything is now a farce. Leaders are great pretenders and they routinely gloss over issues. They make statements but have no intention to carry them out. They make promises but have no intention to keep them. Everything is fire-fighting, perception management and  superficial treatment, thinking that the problems will go away soon.

In my many years of existence, I have never seen our nation more precarious than today. I have never seen a government more pathetic than the one we are having now.

The great transformation is actually a dud.