Monday, July 6, 2015


3 JULY 2015

Today Malaysians were told by Sarawak Report and the Wall Street Journal that Malaysian investigators have traced nearly US$700 million of deposits from companies linked with 1MDB into what they believe are personal bank accounts of the Prime Minister.

These revelations and the details of the money trail are extremely damaging to the already tainted PM and we call upon him to do the honourable thing and step down pending investigations by the MACC and other independent bodies. It is truly disappointing to learn that Malaysian investigators and the Attorney General had known about this for some time but we had to find out from foreign reports.

The Prime Minister’s accounts should be frozen, as would have happened to an ordinary Malaysian citizen suspected of CBT. This Ramadan season, he has been quoting hadiths on entering heaven; therefore we hope that he will realize that he has a moral obligation to step down and to account for the money in his personal bank accounts. The denial issued by 1MDB is meaningless to Malaysians who are getting increasingly angry about the mismanagement of the country’s finances and the instances of corruption being unearthed almost daily. The integrity of the Prime Minister is in tatters and if he chooses to maintain his silence, the Cabinet must act.

Sarawakians are left to wonder how many more corruption scandals there are to come. Many of our people are struggling with the increasing costs of living with the implementation of GST and increase in petrol prices, and cannot comprehend the staggering amount of money that is involved in the 1MDB scandal. Our Chief Minister had thrown his support behind Najib Razak barely a month ago, giving the embattled PM the much-needed boost so that he and his wife could enjoy sound slumber. We invite the Chief Minister to reconsider his position of support – would it be prudent to continue to back this man? Our Chief Minister, having gone to pains to show Sarawakians that he is prepared to walk the talk, must also press the Prime Minister to do the same by stepping down, submitting to investigations, and explaining his wealth, failing which the Chief Minister should rethink his position. We do not want to be associated with tainted leaders who bring our once proud country such ignominy and disgrace.

Baru Bian
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