Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Why only Umno gets to hear PM’s explanation?

8:19AM Jun 16, 2015
By Yoursay
YOURSAY ‘Is Najib the PM of Umno or PM of all Malaysians?’
'PM will solve 1MDB woes by year-end'
SemoLina: PM, you claimed there was nothing untoward with 1MDB and now you say it has woes to sort out.

What woes, PM? That billions cannot be readily accounted for? And if you are contemplating using the people's money to bail out this sovereign fund, you better perish the thought.

We are already fed up with your antics on this issue, and the people - and not just the opposition - will take to the streets and make sure justice is done.

We will hound you and your ‘kakis’ until you have nowhere to hide - not even in Kazakhstan.

Skippy: Indeed, what 1MDB woes? For years, he's been telling us that everything is hunky dory at 1MDB. Now suddenly there are woes to be solved? Only stupid people like his sycophants and the BN cybertroopers will believe him.

The loss in money can be made up in due time as we are a resource rich country. But we still want to see all those irresponsible people do jail time for it.

The Filipinos had one presidential family running into exile and another charged for corruption. The Thais did the same. Even the Indonesians jailed Suharto. If they can do it, so can we.
Mk: How can Umno chiefs accept the delay? So many questions of improper governance, negligence, incompetence, leakage of funds, third-party manipulation and sheer stupidity.

By ignoring all these, Umno and the cabinet are complicit in this great robbery of the century.

Old Timer: I don't understand why the PM keeps explaining 1MDB to only Umno members and at closed-door meetings. Is he the PM of Umno or PM of all Malaysians?

Does the money for 1MDB come from Umno or the taxes paid by the rakyat?

RCZ: Either the Umno chiefs are stupid or are pretending to be. I think the former. The question in everyone's mind is not the solving, but how did the hole in 1MDB be one so big in the first place?

JD Lovrenciear: Several pertinent questions:

1) Why only Umno get to hear the full explanation? Is the rest of the population not important?

2) What "problems" that need another six months to resolve? So, are they admitting that there are problems?

3) Why restructure and now even plan a winding down if the 1MDB is the perfect "million promises"?

4) And of course the greatest mystery is, why explain in closed-door sessions? Or is it none of the rakyat's business to know?

Mushiro: Again and again, Umno division leaders believe in Najib's explanation on 1MDB.

They believed Najib earlier when Najib told them that was no problem in 1MDB. And they believe Najib now when Najib said that the 1MDB problem can be solved between two and six months.

Definitely these Umno division leaders do not understand the problem.

Onyourtoes: This is a typical buying-time strategy. This is typical appealing to parochial support for PM's own survival.

Since when the Malaysian government is responsible only to Umno divisional information chiefs and division secretaries? We may as well shut down the Parliament.

Basically: Another trick answer. No one cares if he will fix it by year-end. The question is who is responsible for its dire position now and what has happened to all the funds.

Someone has to be responsible and all the allegations need to be probed immediately. There is no fixing 1MDB, it's a goner as the cabinet plan has shown.

Hermit: Buying the power plants when their concession period are about to expire at sky rocketed prices, with half of the total cost accruing to inherited debts, and now forced to sell them at surely dirt-cheap prices?

What a smart business decisions displayed by self-proclaimed Bugis warrior.

Touche: What does he meant by solved by year-end? Najib says all along 1MDB has no problems. Now he admits 1MDB has problems.

We the rakyat do not want Najib to solve the problems, which we fully aware are there all along.

We just want Najib to cough out the RM27 billion which is missing without revaluing all the assets so that we can see where and how much is missing precisely.
Ib: I suppose this means somebody will be found guilty and sentenced to jail.

And when questions that cannot be answered arise, one could go to the mosque and swear innocence?

Anonymous #59082512: Or is Najib praying for former PM Dr Mahathir Mohamad to kick the bucket by year-end?

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