Thursday, June 25, 2015

‘Liked’ my Facebook post on non-Muslims and Ramadan? Share it, Muslim lawyer urges followers

A screen capture of lawyer Azhar Harun’s latest Fecebook post. A screen capture of lawyer Azhar Harun’s latest Fecebook post.KUALA LUMPUR, June 25 ― Lawyer Azhar Harun encouraged his followers today to help spread his message of moderation to other Malaysians, after receiving an overwhelming number of “Likes” on his Facebook critique of demands made on non-Muslims during the Muslim fasting month.

The lawyer who goes by the moniker Art Harun noted that his two-day-old post on the social networking site has so far garnered more than 49,000 “Likes” and 12,000 shares, numbers he described as “crazy” and “totally, absolutely” unexpected.

“It was just one of those random post that I make, almost unthinkingly, every day,” he wrote on his Facebook page today.

“Nevertheless it struck a chord I suppose,” he added.

Azhar, who was moved to vent his frustrations on Facebook after hearing of “horrible” demands that non-Muslims should not eat in front of Muslims during Ramadan, said it was heartening to see the amount of support his post has received.

The support, he explained, indicates to him that there are many other like-minded Malaysians out there.

“At last I know I am not alone. That I am not an aberration of sorts. That I am not the sole leper in a judgemental society who is supposed to be sent to a colony where I would be with other lepers of the society,” he wrote.

Azhar thanked his supporters but urged them and other Malaysians to share his and their own message of peace.

“Malaysia needs all of us to rise and reclaim this blessed land of ours. We are the power. The real power.

“All the bigotry and extremist tendencies must be objected against and opposed. We only have one thing in our free command, namely, our VOICE,” he wrote.

Emphasising on his 49,000 Facebook likes, Azhar said if every single person who liked his post spreads the same message to at least five others, this pool of supporters could grow to nearly 25,000 people.

“I implore all of you to rise and keep rising even if you are knocked down flat-faced on the floor,” he wrote.

“It is not a question of whether we should or would do it. We must. Because this is the only country we have. Because this is the country our kids, and their kids, are going to inherit from us,” he added.

In his post on Tuesday, Azhar, who is himself a Muslim, had contrasted the demands by some Muslims with his daughter’s Christian tutor’s lack of complaints over the Arabic words of “Allah” and “Prophet Muhammad” hanging in his house.

“Did he ever request that his sitting be changed? Or that those frames be moved away or at least be covered by a batik sarong? Did he ask me to “respect” his faith? Or not to “insult” him or his faith? Well, he never did. Not even a word about those,” he had written.

Azhar also questioned the need to close school canteens during the Muslim fasting month and for non-Malay students to drink behind closed doors and even in the toilets, referring to the recent controversy where a senior teacher’s purported joke for non-Muslims not to drink their own urine in toilets was allegedly misquoted and misunderstood.

“The point is why must non-Malays adjust their life to facilitate us, Muslims Melayoos [sic], to fast?

If that was necessary, why don't we ask our non-Malay brothers and sisters not to study too hard so that we the Melayoos could at least get respectable marks during exams compared to them?” he asked, labelling such behaviour as “self-pity” and “a pity”. - See more at:

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