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Join BN, Baru Bian – no! But join BN Baru, Bian – perhaps!

02 Jun 2015 04:00 PM       
 by Edmund Lee
SARAWAK FOCUS: "Join BN, Baru Bian" so ran the front page headline in a leading local daily, the Borneo Post.
That was our Chief Minister Adenan Satem's invitation to the prodigal son who is also the state PKR chairman to join the state Barisan Nasional and be among friends.
This, according to Adenan, the state BN chairman, would enable the Ba Kelalan asemblyman to help his Lun Bawang community to truly progress.
Citing that Baru Bian is with “the wrong crowd”, Adenan said only the BN government can deliver the goods needed by the people as opposed to the Opposition's token promises.
That was indeed a noble gesture by our chief minister of 'Sarawak for Sarawakians'.
I believe his sincerity in wanting to further improve the well-being of the rural people and his acknowledgement of Baru Bian as an exemplary leader of the Lun Bawang community.
He is not just a politician but a leader who stands for justice and fairness and he had proven it with his many successful legal suits against the government and private companies on native customary rights pertaining to land issues.
Baru was gracious enough to return Adenan's gesture with a smile and commendable of him to decline any comments on the matter – for the moment, that is.
 However, it may not be totally correct to say that Baru is with “the wrong crowd” and that only the BN can deliver the goods.
For the benefit of our less-political savvy rural Sarawakian brothers and BN loyalists in self-denial, may we remind them that Baru's crowd are currently the governments of Penang, Selangor and Kelantan.
And Adenan's friends in the Umno-dominated BN are having a challenging time to wrest back Penang and Selangor – two of the richest states in Malaysia – because the Umno-led BN government realised that Pakatan Rakyat can also deliver, if given the chance.
And they have delivered much better and the voters there had acknowledged that by re-electing them to power for another term.
The 1MDB scandal and the regressive GST have burdened both our country and the rakyat. These are the unhealthy goods which were delivered by the Umno-dominated BN government of which Adenan and Sarawak BN are party to. In other words, Adenan and Sarawak BN may be socialising politically with the wrong crowd who have no qualms about using our resources and wealth for their own benefit.
To say that only the BN can deliver the goods while the Opposition can only make empty promises is akin to punching below the belt.
The government of the day is duty-bound to ensure development for all, especially basic infrastructures like water, electricity, roads and housing.
To realise that there are still areas in rural Sarawak without these basic amenities after 50 years is a poor reflection of this BN government which proudly proclaims itself as the only vehicle which can deliver the goods to the people. Their leaders live in luxury while the rural folk struggle to break free from this vicious cycle of poverty.
I have previously mentioned that Baru Bian is chief minister material and I do believe Adenan sees him as the key to unlock the resistance to BN dominance in the rural constituencies, particularly among the Lun Bawang community.
Baru's gentle and diplomatic approach over a more confrontational and aggressive stance makes him a potential partner in government to resolve the rural problems and win votes for BN – killing two birds with one stone, so to speak.
Baru is a man of principle and stands by his conviction to God and his people who had given him their trust.
Adenan meant well and I believe he is looking at roping in the best people to achieve his unity government of Sarawak for Sarawakians.
Loyal, trustworthy people who walk the talk and deliver. Baru fits the bill perfectly.
I cannot read Baru's thoughts but I believe that while Sarawak is indirectly propping up Umno by being BN's fixed deposit, Adenan can only cling to wishful thinking that Baru Bian will join BN.
Not unless, Adenan says, "Join BN Baru, Bian".
A BN devoid of Umno – can that happen?
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