Monday, June 15, 2015

Confirmed, Bekir is worth RM1.185b

1:54PM Jun 15, 2015
By Hafiz Yatim
Sarawak governor Abdul Taib Mahmud’s son Mahmud Abu Bekir Taib admitted today at the Kuala Lumpur Syariah High Court that he is worth RM1.185 billion, based on a report produced by his ex-wife's hired auditor.

Bekir said his net asset is worth that much from 20 companies which he owns or which he is a director, as according to the report made by auditing firm Ferrer Hodgson MH Sdn Bhd.

Ferrer Hodgson was hired by Bekir's former wife Shahnaz A Majid to estimate her husband's net worth where auditor Andrew Heng had testified that the son of Sarawak's former chief minister is worth between RM916 million to RM1.334 billion.

Today when asked by Shahnaz's (photo) lawyer Rafie Shafie on his net assets, Bekir who paused to perform mental arithmetic, admitted that based on what is written in the report, he is worth RM1.185 billion.

"However, that may not include liabilities," the witness claimed when asked about the report which was tendered as evidence.

Bekir added that he owns 50 companies, of which two are listed, and the rest are self-owned companies.

He also admitted that he did not submit any reports or evidence to rebut Shahnaz's auditor's claim of his net assets.
~ Malaysiakini

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