Monday, May 11, 2015

'Open PAC hearing on 1MDB to the public'

4:41PM May 11, 2015
Anti-corruption group Centre to Combat Corruption and Cronyism (C4) has urged the Public Accounts Committee (PAC) proceedings on 1Malaysia Development Berhad (1MDB) to be open to the public.

 “This will set unprecedented levels of openness, elevate civic consciousness, and foster greater participation in public administration affairs in this country.

“We need to urgently rebuild our nation’s honour and inspire public confidence once again,” said C4 executive director Cynthia Gabriel.

Presently, the PAC’s hearings are all conducted behind closed doors.

In a statement today, Cynthia said C4 welcomed PAC chief Nur Jazlan Mohamed’s (photo) announcement that the committee would investigate 1MDB’s dealings.

However, she said PAC needs to clarify the scope of its investigations to the public.

“This is crucial to level off expectations against the auditor-general’s investigations,” she said.

Earlier today, Nur Jazlan had announced that the PAC would commence its investigations on 1MDB on May 19, and the letters summoning witnesses to testify had already been sent on May 6.

“PAC believes the committee cannot wait for the Auditor-General's report on the company.

“There is too much perception and speculation among the rakyat who are increasingly worried about the operations and finances of this state investment fund,” he said in a statement today.

The PAC is a bipartisan parliamentary select committee charged with scrutinising public spending.

Of its 13 current members, eight are BN parliamentarians while the other five are from Pakatan Rakyat.

PAC hearings are conducted behind closed doors, it makes its reports and transcripts of its proceedings available on its websitemonths later.
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