Thursday, May 28, 2015

Gov't appeal on Sarawak redelineation ‘a betrayal’

7:57AM May 28, 2015

The Attorney-General’s (AG) Chambers has “failed Malaysians and betrayed the federal constitution” in appealing against the Kuching High Court’s ruling that the Sarawak redelineation process is unconstitutional, says Bersih.

The electoral watchdog’s resource person Wong Chin Huat said the AG’s Chambers is wasting taxpayers’ money when it should be guided by the highest law of the country - the federal constitution.

“Section 2(a) of the 13th Schedule says categorically that the Election Commission (EC) needs to state in its notice 'the effect of their proposed recommendations' not just the proposal,” he told Malaysiakini.

‘“By appealing, the AG’s Chambers is trying to convince the court that the word 'effect' does not exist.

“If they lose their appeal, would they insist to waste taxpayers' money appeal again all the way till the Federal Court?” he asked.

Lacked crucial information

Instead of rectifying the issues found by the court, the EC, with the support of the AG’S Chambers is deliberately pushing forward to violate the constitution, he said.

“They have brought shame to their offices,” he said, calling on the AG and the EC commissioners to quit if they lose.

“They should be prepared to go to court for every violation they commit. The days that they could get away with wrongdoings are now over.

"And beyond the present court of law, they will also be judged in the court of history,” he said.

EC chief Abdul Aziz Yusof said the AG’S Chambers filed an appealat the Kuching High Court yesterday morning.

On May 15, the Kuching High Court ordered the EC to re-issue the notice on the proposed redelineation because the Jan 5 notice lacked crucial information for voters.

The EC is proposing to increase the number of state constituencies from 71 to 82 seats and the legal challenge may delay the upcoming Sarawak election.

~ Malaysiakini

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