Thursday, April 30, 2015

‘Steep non-Malay decline in civil service unhealthy’

8:18AM Apr 30, 2015
By Terence Netto

The government should correct acute racial disparities in intake into the civil service because the lopsidedness hampers the performance of the civil service, especially during certain phases of the year.

“We are an industrialising society,” commented M Kulasegaran, the DAP national vice-chair and MP for Ipoh Barat, “and as such we have to a civil service that functions at optimum throughout the year.”

The federal legislator said with nearly 80 percent of the civil service composed of Malays, there was the challenge during two months each year when the “rigours of fulfillment of a religious obligation issues in reduced productivity and that is followed by a prolonged period of celebration that also impacts output negatively”.

Kulasegaran (left) observed that these realities are the “unalterable aspects of national life” but they can be prevented from impacting efficacy if a better racial balance to the intake is achieved.
“With nearly eighty percent of the civil service composed of Malays, it is difficult for the service to be in a year-round condition of optimum performance,” remarked Kulasegaran.

He said sharp declines in the Chinese and Indian compositions of the civil service have created an imbalance whose impact during periods of obligatory religious fulfillment and follow-through festivity was preventable simply from shoring up the non-Malay intake.

“A modern industrial economy requires a civil service that displays year-round responsiveness to keep the pump priming,” argued the DAP leader, who has been prominent in advocacy of victims of child custody battles between estranged parents, one of whom has unilaterally converted an offspring to Islam.

Kulasegaran said the government’s claim that non-Malays were uninterested in enlisting in the civil service was belied by the facts adduced in Parliament from a question he had asked on the intake at the last sitting in March.

He said there was evidence to show that non-Malays, especially Indians, were interested to enlist but there appeared be no corresponding interest on the part of the government to engage them.

~ Malaysiakini

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