Saturday, March 7, 2015

Products Of Our Education System And Our Gomen Sponsored Religious Indoctrination

Thursday, March 5, 2015

  • They were our own. 
  • video showing beheading of a Syrian man 
  • police confirmed presence of Malaysians during IS killings in Syria
  • identified as 20 yr Mohd Faris Anuar from Gurun in Kedah 
  • 25 yr Muhamad Wanndy Mohamad Jedi from Durian Tunggal in Malacca
  • video showed a man on the ground with his head severed
  • Mohd Faris’ dad reeling in shock over news
  • “Eh, take one picture,” says Muhamad Wanndy 
  • “Ah. Video, video. Video! Ah. Want picture, wait for a while,” says Mohd Faris 
  • Muhamad Wanndy poses, flashes index finger, smiling into camera.

  • SAC Ayob Khan released photos of Nor Mahmudah Ahmad from Baling
  • video uploaded to Facebook account of Abu Hamzah Al Fateh on Feb 22
  • video taken by Mohd Faris 
  • Muhamad Wanndy owner of Facebook account of Abu Hamzah Al Fateh.
  • Muhamad Wanndy, unemployed, in Syria with his wife Nor Mahmudah.
  • The couple travelled there on Feb 26.
  • travelled from KL, took a flight to Moscow, travelled via train to Istanbul, Syria
  • Mohd Faris made it to Syria on Sept 22.
  • new wing of Malaysian & Indonesian militants Majmu’ah al Arkhabiliy
  • Malaysians present at the slaughter. 
  • who’s to say they wouldn’t do that when they come back?
  • involvement of Malaysians in slaughter of innocent people
  • We want to show the depth of their cruelty. 
  • SAC Ayob said other Malaysians involved with slaughter of people
  • 2007 two Johoreans arrested killing security officers in neighbouring country
  • 2011, two Darul Islam members in Sabah slaughtered Christian hostage 
  • ideology is same as IS, JI, al-Qaeda and Boko Haram
  • Even if Muslim, kill and slaughter us if we’re not part of them
  • “Even their families not spared by them.” SAC Ayob 
My comments : My question to SAC Ayub and the Police is where did these people pick up their religious indoctrination?

Are these three confused people, all of whom were unemployed here in Malaysia, graduates of some terrorist madrassah? Or were they just graduates of our normal sekolah kebangsaan?

Did they attend some extremist, terrorist infused surau, madrasah and masjid or did they attend the local masjid, the local surau etc?

Their religious indoctrination gives them a sense of common destiny and common values with IS, JI, al-Qaeda and Boko Haram.    

I have been saying this for years : take religion completely out of the school system, out of the education system, out of government,  take it out of the public space. 

Religion belongs in the home and inside your heart. It is a personal thing. 

We made a mistake by incorporating the 'Penerapan Nilai Nilai Islam' in government in the 1980s. From there it was hijacked, it mutated and now it has become a cancer that is spreading everywhere.

Maybe SAC Ayub Khan will begin to understand that religious education and the type of religious indoctrination that we have in this country has become a threat to the security of the nation itself. The problem is in the mirror.  If the Police are willing to listen I can tell them why they are going to be more busy chasing after these confused people.  Believe me you are going to be more and more busy.

But if the Police only want to listen to their own broken tape recorders you will never understand the problem.  The problem is in the mirror.


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