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Let’s rape and kill for hudud – Omar Kutty

Published: 21 March 2015 2:00 PM

“Sedih melihat orang mempersoalkan hukum Allah.”
And words of this sort filled my timeline. No matter how perfectly you preach about this divine law, you must understand, humans are not.
Unless you are treating the religious authorities as being on the same level as God (blasphemy!), I'm sure you know humans are power-loving (disgustingly dirty politics!) creatures of greed (rampant corruption)  with imperfections (make bad decisions).
A very good example would be the implementation of zakat. As we all know, zakat is a divine obligation, if I may put it that way. Ask yourselves, is it implemented well? Do the deserving actually benefit from it? What is the percentage of poverty being reduced after the implementation of zakat?
Now, should you punish the poor for stealing, knowing the economic situation is getting worse? If the zakat system works wonderfully, would they steal? Should their hands be chopped off? What about those tycoons? Will they be probed? Their income? Will their property/worth declaration be scrutinised? Corruption? Racism? Abuse of women? Husband marrying another wife without the wife's consent? Double standard policies of the government?
If we implement hudud, will it end up like our zakat system? Will it be adil? Add corruption and fitnah to hudud, and you get oppression. Not the kind of oppression you may find in a regular common law system, but a different kind as the punishment in hudud is more “barbaric” in a certain sense.
Some say the judge may give exemption as he deems fit to the poor when it comes to hudud, but would this exception be misused? Wouldn't it open opportunities for corrupting judges?
Let’s not make it a political tool (no surprise, everything here is politicised).
Ask ourselves, are we ready, truly?
“Justeru, sekali lagi, tidak berimankah saya jika saya menolak pelaksanaan hudud di Kelantan ketika ini kerana keadaan sekarang yang tidak kondusif untuk melaksanakannya?
“Saya menerima hakikat bahawa hukum hudud adalah sempurna kerana ianya datang daripada Allah, Tuhan yang Maha Adil dan Bijaksana.
“Tetapi yang melaksanakan hukum itu adalah manusia dan manusia tidak sempurna, bukan maha adil dan bukan maha bijaksana. Lebih-lebih lagi di Malaysia; apa sahaja yang dilakukan pasti ada kaitan dengan agenda politik sesetengah pihak.” – Zharif Badrul

"Kill her! Burn her at the stake! Rape her!”
One moment, who made these threats to her?
If yes, feel like a hero now?
Are you a Muslim or a mob?

I might not agree with what or how she said what she said, and I never even knew her before she was in that video. I do believe there are better ways to convey the message.
Nevertheless, what I cannot tolerate is the mob behaviour threatening to kill and rape her. Just scroll down the comment section and it is revolting enough! You call yourselves Muslims? Disgusting creatures, you are!
This sort of mob behaviour must stop! Your actions just prove the kind of society we live in. The basic 101 of being a Muslim cannot be mastered, and now you want hudud? Mind you, being a Muslim is not about praying five times a day, memorising the Quran by heart, puasa and paying zakat.
Being a Muslim is more than that; it also includes your behaviour, how you treat others, your words and your thoughts.
To women who support those mobs, shame on you. How can you tolerate such threats towards another woman? For God's sake they threatened to rape her!
This saddening and disgusting mob behaviour must stop regardless of whether it is perpetrated for race or religion. Just because she disagrees with Kelantan’s push for hudud does not give you the right to rape or kill her. We must not tolerate any form of threat towards the well-being of another, what not threat to rape or kill. If she is really bad, let God punish her, do not take matters into your own hand. You are not god. You have no authority over her.
Enough. – March 21, 2015.
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