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Anwar's daughter's arrest is the last straw

8:20AM Mar 17, 2015
By Yoursay

YOURSAY ‘I’ve never attended any rallies but this broke the camel’s back.’

Nurul Izzah to spend night in lock-up over sedition

Aries46: This one certainly takes the cake in the Najib Abdul Razak era of endless scandals and flip-flops that has smothered good governance and national unity.

An opposition MP arrested with the prospect of being remanded for sedition on account of a speech she made in Parliament! It appears that the Umno-BN phobia for all things linked to Opposition Leader Anwar Ibrahim has not abated despite incarcerating him.

Lembah Pantai MP Nurul Izzah’s arrest is reprehensible and a disgrace in this day and era where freedom of expression is thriving in every corner of the world.

Even Singapore has a Speaker’s Corner, while we in Malaysia, and particularly our activists and elected representatives, are being hounded and oppressed by a corrupt and repressive minority regime that suppresses free speech, muzzles the media when the people are fraught with financial hardship due to systemic abuses.

We are definitely ahead of even Zimbabwe’s Robert Mugabe on this one, and it’s a crowning glory for our very own global crusader of the moderates.

Headhunter: Even an MP can be arrested for a speech made in Parliament? Have our democratic system of governance sunk to the level of North Korea?

At the rate they are being arrested and detained, there wouldn't be any opposition members left in Parliament to represent us soon.

This will only encourage more people, especially the younger generation to vote against the BN government. The Najib regime has lost its decency.

Magnus: Is Malaysia a constitutional monarchy-based parliamentary democracy with the rule of law or is Malaysia a tin-pot kleptocratic dictatorship with Umno's fascist rule of thumb?

Malaysia can't be both as that would be nonsense, so which one is the real Malaysia? And if you want to be the latter, than why pretend to be the former?

SSDhaliwal: The police under inspector-general of police (IGP) Khalid Abu Bakar are clearly trampling on the constitution and making up their own law.

First of all, Nurul Izzah was merely reading her father's letter and is not the author of it and secondly anything said in Parliament is immune from the law.

These are clearly intimidating tactics and if not checked will lead this country towards a police state.

Anonymous #25558299: There were hundreds of criticisms on our messed-up judiciary from other countries and within our country. Why didn't the police go after all of them?

Here they arrest an MP who has the right to speak in Parliament. This has gone beyond control.

Quah Ban Gim: The line between decency and indecency is now clearly defined. Decent laws for decent people. Decent representatives for decent people. Indecent representatives must go.

Slumdog: Former Kulim Bandar Baharu MP Zulkifli Noordin, I hope you are happy now. Thanks to your police report and rapid response from the police, who know as much as you about parliamentary privilege.

Nurul Izzah will spend the night at the Jinjang lock-up. I hope the police chief and the home minister enjoy a sumptuous dinner tonight and a good night’s sleep in their comfortable beds in their air conditioned rooms.

Tailek: What a joke! The police had to wait days to question Agriculture and Agri-based Industries Minister Ismail Sabri Yaacob for his “boycott Chinese traders” remark because the minister was not free.

When it comes to opposition MPs, they come to your house to arrest you.

Vijay47: What a great day for the Malaysian system of democracy, justice, and basic liberties, not that much of it has remained these last few years.

And what a victory to Zulkifli - he not only supplanted the functions of a useless attorney-general but also lodges a police report against Nurul Izzah’s speech, a speech which would not have been illegal even if made outside Parliament.

And he manages to cry havoc and let slip the dogs of war. In no time at all, within a day of the report, the police hasten to do the bidding of their masters and Nurul Izzah is now arrested.

What makes the arrest particularly outrageous and repugnant is that the police ambushed her - demand her presence at the station and when she goes there, arrest her on a totally unrelated charge.

Yet many are those who had suffered atrocities at the hands of the authorities but overcame such setbacks and returned to again lead. Nurul Izzah, don't forget this when you become prime minister.

God Save Us: Well done, Malaysian police. You continue to outdo yourselves whenever it seems you can't do any worse.

How rotten the situation in this country has become in the past 30 to 40 years is almost unbelievable. Just keep putting away the people trying to right the wrongs. Satan would be proud.

Justice Pao: I have never attended any of the rallies so far but this arrest broke the camel’s back.

I will participate in the next rally and I will encourage others to take part. Let us all work together to get rid of Umno and their thugs in the 14th general election.

My dogs just defecated on the newspaper that has the photographs of the five judges, does the IGP want to arrest my dogs for sedition?

This is the more reasons why the Sedition Act must be revoked. BN and their henchmen in the Royal Malaysian Police will forever continue to misuse the act in order to stay in power.

Gnanasekaran Murugaiah: When is the next rally? We need to walk this talk.

CQ Muar: So this is the very reason Najib reneged on his promise to remove the Sedition Act.

Synonymous to the Internal Security Act, this law under the guise of a different name is to enable them to arrest and remand anyone who protests against the government.

Even an obvious trouble-free, absolutely peaceful rally could vest in them such unreasonable, blatant authority to execute random arrest.

Let the whole world see and judge for themselves the kind of "democracy" this country called Malaysia practices.

Pray that United States President Barack Obama will step in to lambast such high-handedness and the abuse of human rights by the regime led by his golfing pal Najib.

May good sense and judgement prevail, Mr President. The world's super-power must live up to its image and reputation as Big Brother.

Not Confused: I am a European and could leave the country at any time. But I am sorry for those less fortunate who have to stay and witness or experience the callous brutality of the government and their storm troopers in blue.

Many of my friends are already moving their money abroad, and some will follow soon as their disgust at the antics of those in power grows daily.

The government seems to attract and reward those who have twisted minds and think corruption is their reward for gaining power. I really pity the poor Malaysians who are stuck here.

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