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SDGA hopes government will employ more Dayaks this year

Posted on January 1, 2015, Thursday

KUCHING: Sarawak Dayak Graduates’ Association (SDGA) hopes that in the New Year the government will include more Dayaks in its recruitment of employees.

Its president Dr Dusit Jaul pointed out that the government at both federal and state levels must open a new leaf by employing both from the Dayak community as well as the non-native community.

“It is my belief that Dayaks are equally as good as other Malaysians and can compete even at the highest level. What we are asking is that they be given equal opportunity, equal available assistance and equal treatment,” he said in his New Year message.

Dusit stressed that it is not the Dayak community’s intention to be spoonfed.

“I believe we are resilient and can succeed in any endeavour provided we walk the same path as other
communities. They have proven it earlier in the war against the communists.

“I have pointed out earlier the examples of lacking of racial diversity in some government agencies and related corporations. The Dayaks involvement in the every sector, in public as well as private, is very much to be desired.

“We want figures on how many Dayaks are there heading the public service including the positions they hold. We also want to know how many businessmen are there from the Dayak community and how many are successful. We want to know the assistance given by the government to assist the development of Dayak businessmen,” he said.

Dusit believed that the Dayak community’s participation in all fields of life in Malaysia will contribute to nation-building.

“If only the government at both federal and state government can trust Dayak youths by employing them in all the fields and disciplines available I believe they will form strong pillars for our government.

“I have seen that one of our Dayak’s strength, be he, Iban, Bidayuh or Orang Ulu is our strong loyalty. If all the races in Malaysia are given opportunity to serve in both the private and public sector at both federal and state levels, there is no issue too big or heavy for us to face and handle. By doing that, we will build a more harmonious, stronger and united nation,” he said.

Meanwhile, Bidayuh community leader for Kuching division, Temenggong Austin Dimin urged the people to move forward to develop the state to improve the quality of life.

He called for the prevailing peace and harmony among the races and religions in the state to be treasured, preserved and strengthened.

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