Monday, January 5, 2015

'Give details on new S'wak seats or we go to court'

7:35PM Jan 5, 2015
By Joseph Tawie
Sarawak PKR will seek a judicial review to halt the redelineation process in the state if the Election Commission does not give details on the 11 state seats it is proposing by next week.

Sarawak PKR chief Baru Bian said that if the display came even three days later, the 30-day objection period would be rendered invalid.

"What is being displayed for 30 days starting from Jan 5 is not only insufficient, but also misleading for those who want to raise any objection," Baru said in a press conference in Kuching today.

The proposed seats are: N13 Batu Kitang (20,107 voters), N17 Stakan (12,761), N18 Serumbu (9,677), N23 Triboh (13,180), N26 Gedong (6,340), N40 Kabong (9,759), N57 Tellian (9,858), N63 Selirik (10,560), N66 Murum (7,648), N70 Samalaju (12,827) and N78 Long Lama (8,057).

"We are only given the total number of voters and we are at this state are yet to be furnished with the details of the voters," the Ba'Kelalan assemblyperson said.

He said that details must be disclosed so affected voters can raise objections, especially if they find themselves moved to another constituency.

For example, he said, the Batu Lintang state constituency would be moved to the Bandar Kuching parliamentary constituency when before it was under Stampin.

Bian also questioned the integrity of the redelineation exercise where urban constituencies still maintain high number of voters while the rural constituencies have much lower number of voters.

Gedong has 6,340 voters, Sadong Jaya 6,752 and Telang Usan 6,691 voters.

But urban areas like Pending have 30,881 voters, while Pelawan has 31,388 voters, Bukit Assek 28,908, Dudong 28,569, Batu Lintang 24,640, Padungan 22,873 and Batu Kitang 20,107.

"Why are these (urban) areas were left untouched and other smaller areas divided?" he asked.
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